Incorrect Guild Name Displayed

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Like the title says, I've got the wrong Guild name showing on the Forums.

After paying for a name change several days ago, the Guild is now 'Hellhounds.' This wouldn't really be anything I'd worry about, but I'd like to make a recruitment post on my Realm board soon, and would feel silly showing the wrong Guild under my character's name!

Is this something that gets updated on a regular cycle? ie, will it be likely changed when MoP hits in a day or two? or is it something I need to petition/call to get worked out?
Anyone else have this issue after a purchased Guild name change?

If so, how long did it persist - or did you have to petition?
Well, with the hit of MoP it was corrected. So.. YAY UPDATES! :D
(posting this here so others can see that this issue is corrected during patch times, perhaps?)

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