*Inexorable* 10m Progression LF Raiders

*Inexorable* (level 25) 10 man raiding guild looking for experienced raiders for core positions in our group.

Server: Blackrock

Currently in need of:
Tank : Druid or DK
DPS: Warlock or Mage
Heals: Shaman

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
6pm - 9pm server time > 9pm - midnight for east coasters :)

First some background info on the guild:

Inexorable has been together as a guild going on 2 years now, raiding all throughout Cataclysm, clearing everything together as a guild. We are a close knit, get to know you kind of family friendly guild that is serious about raiding. We don't consider our attitudes towards raiding 'hardcore' in that we yell at people for not doing the right job, or violently scream or kick players otherwise.
This game to us has never been only about getting shiny loot. While they are awesome and fun to get, it is the experience and memories that are made that matters the most to us.

We're the type of guild that shows up early, comes prepared and converses with all members about strategies with our progression. We love to coordinate and be involved with others to make something awesome happen. We are willing to do anything in order to help out a fellow guildy, whether it be answer any questions they may have, practice on some dummies with, or just theory craft about potential stat priority benefits, etc. We give 110% to everyone. We strive for the best, and we never give up until we reach the goals we set for ourselves.

What we are looking for in members is their willingness to commit and considers themselves to be competitive while still maintaining a family like atmosphere. Having healthy relationships with your fellow raiders is very important to us. We are not looking for people who are stuck up, rude and not open minded. We love to have fun and raid, while keeping our serious faces on at the same time.

If this sounds like the place you are looking for, a family, a home, please leave your real id or add me @ jnesnec@gmail.com I'll gladly answer any questions you have to my full extent, and cover anything you'd like to go over in more detail of the guild.

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