Attantion Morning Raiders! 2/6HOF,6/6V


<Drachefaust> - alliance morning guild is recruiting healers for MOP for the 25 man raid. All healer classes feel free to apply at the web-site www.drachefaust. or contact me in-game - my real ID is


History: guild started in the old days of Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Was at its peak during Burning Crusade in Black Temple and Tempest Keep, slowed down during disappointing Icecrown raiding, but picked back up in recent times of Dragonsoul growing back to a 25 man raiding guild and taking second place on the server.
Most of us are 3rd shift workers and some people are from other countries (very fun!). Some members come and go, but the core friends have been sticking around through tough and fun periods.


Plan for MOP: will start 10 man raiding as soon as we have 10 people at level 90. As others will catch up, we will start a second group and soon after combine them into a 25 man raid. Raid spots will be prioritized by attendance and active participation.


Important information:

Raid time: Wed, Thurs, Mon 8-11:30AM Server time (CST)

Progression:6/6 Vaults, 2/6 HOF

Server: Garona, Alliance

Recruiting: HEALERS, ranged DPS and other outstanding applications will be considered


Who to contact: Samarita,


Good luck to all and have fun playing!
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09/23/2012 07:59 PMPosted by Samarita
Progress:6/8 Heroic Dragonsoul (before the stupid nerfs. Eventually killed Deathwing as well)

No offense, 20% does not equal to pre-nerf, and you guys haven't killed H Spine yet. Just saying :/
Progress update: 6/6 Vaults, 2/6 HOF
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