H - Obsessive Gaming - 10man MoP Raiding 4/6

Obsessive Gaming is a newly formed raiding guild looking to pick up 2 to 3 more dedicated dps players, and one healer.

A little about Obsessive Gaming:
The core of our group is comprised of oldschool raiders (cleared black temple and sunwell prenerf, competeing for several server firsts along the way) We dediced to "get the team back together" for Mists, bringing new friends along the way.
In our guild you will find 2k+ elo LoL players, former ESEA Main/invite CSS players, and former gladiator rank players. So when I say we are serious about our games, I mean it. We are hoping to bring in more players of our skill level, and intensity to help us compete in progression for Mists.

Players of exceptional skill of any class are encouraged to apply, but specifically we are looking for 2 to 3 ranged dps, as well as a healer.

Raid Times:
Tues - Thurs 9:00 - 12:00 Server Time.
Sunday - 7:00 - 12:00 Server Time
note: During progression we might schedule an optional additional raid during the week.

You can find our application on http://obsessivegaming.guildlaunch.com/index.phpgid=276533
or message MasonK#1770 in game for more information.
Thank you for your time, Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Still need a ranged dps. Currently 4/6 MGSV
Message Ugethan in game
EDIT: Added healer as a need.
Still looking
Still need a healer and some RDps to fill out our roster.
Still need RDps and heals for raids next week.
Bump for great justice. Still looking for some solid players to grind out heroics in prep for next week.
Alright guys, we have one raid spot left open. Looking for a dedicated dps.
bump! 4/6 still need a ranged dps
Bump, Still need a ranged DPS. Message Ugethan in game.

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