Final thoughts~ Cata Memories thread

Wyrmrest Accord
My thoughts? Great Expansion.

My favorite part was easily raising this character through the new 1-60 content and especially the Gilnean-Forsaken front.

Least favorite had to be 80-85. The quest chains had spice it seemed but they didn't feel urgent to me like they were meant to feel. As mentioned above, I couldn't really connect with Deathwing like I could Illidan or Arthas.

Rating: 7/10

I'm not done with Cata and I don't think I ever will be. Infact I'm not even done with Wrath.
Hmm, Cataclysm.

Cons: It killed my laptop when it came out due to the suddenly increased and intensified graphics. Fountains in Stormwind... the bane of my WoW time. To this day I still dance nude in them on occasion to teach them a lesson for causing me to not only get punted off the game, but lock my laptop till I had to shut it off and restart, then contact a GM to move my character out of the city.

After a month I could finally play again.

Hyjal. I liked it at the beginning and had a blast with the defense of it. But then it just wouldn't end. I do like the quest with the jousting though.

Pro's: VASH'JIR. I could live down there. I love that zone. Everything about it and every quest.
Same with Uldum. Those two zones are fantastic.

I enjoyed learning to PvP finally. And even have a full PvP set for Civ! Running arena's, battlegrounds and Tol barad have been a great deal of fun. But then again I had people who finally got me to do PvP and learn to like it this expansion, where before I despised it.

My rp expanded, my guild grew and is growing at an amazing pace. I've met an amazing amount of fantastic people, and while some good friends left, new ones have come in :)

While there are issues with some people in LFR, I like the feature since I'm no longer in a high ranking end content raiding guild on my main. This allows me to still stay in my current guilds with friends, and still see end content and current content and get gear at my own pace. So it feeds my addictions and a bit of my gear OCD as well.

I can also raid with friends and guild mates as well without having to worry about space. Add on Open raid and you have one very happy Civardi.

World flying was a big one too and Cross realm grouping with RealID, which let me stay in touch with friends from my raiding realm and still run things with them, as well as raid with people on my main from WRA.

I also like the worgen (Females still look like gremlins) and the goblins.

While some of the dungeons, like the Zandalari ones, were a bit.. eh, and the newer dungeons and heroics got boring aftter the millionth run through, it happens in every expansion.

All in all, I give Cata a 7/10. Looking forward to seeing what else happens.
Cata was great for the simple fact that it was during this xpac that I reconnected with a friend and we've become even better friends.

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