Arcane Mage: 85 - 89 Rotation?

Being the eve of MoP, I've been trying to search/experiment for a solid Arcane Mage rotation from 85 - 89. At a high level, here is my current rotation:

Single Target:

1. Pop Nether Temptest.
2. Arcane Blast to 3 stacks.
3. Cast Arcane Missiles (once, twice, or not at all depending on proc).
4. Cast Arcane Barrage.
5. Rinse & Repeat...

Multi Target:

1. Pop Nether Temptest.
2. Spam Arcane Explosion.

I haven't been able to figure out a way to incorporate a solid burn phase at 85, considering I go OOM way too fast to do any good, sustained DPS. So since the MoP patch, my "burn phase" consists of popping all my CDs and just following the said rotation above.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a better, more solid rotation out there for pre-90 Arcane Mages?
Well, there doesn't seem to be much of a burn phase any more. You tend to use arcane power when it is up. And with appropriate gear, you can probably get off 5-6 arcane blasts before you use your missiles or clear with barrage.
While questing its best to pull with arcane blast and then nether tempest.

As for dungeons, there's no fixed rotation you should balance what you cast so that you dont waste missile procs, dont waste mana regen and dont end up with less than 85-90% mana.

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