<Kindred> 10m guild LF DPS

<Kindred> is a new guild, and is currently being formed into a 10m guild with the ambition to raid and push progression throughout MoP and beyond. We're a group of friends and highly experienced raiders, many of whom have seen and/or cleared a vast majority of all the raiding content that Blizzard has ever released, besides DS as most of us took a break during this period. We know how to have fun, but we also know how to buckle down and take things serious when we need to.

Currently Recruiting: DPS

Priest - Shadow
Shaman - Enhance

**If your class is not listed, don't feel discouraged. As we are always looking for exceptional applicants.**

What we're NOT looking for:
- People who stand in fire, void zones, blizzards or are unable to press buttons for certain mechanics that will kill you.
- People who can't show up on time, show up prepared, or even let us know if real life gets in the way. (which happens, and we understand)
- People who can't take a joke or have a sense of humor!

Our Raid times are (Server is EST)

Wednesday 9-12 server
Thursday 9-12 server

Nights can be called early if content is cleared or added if needed for progression. We do try to put together alt runs or run old content when we can, if people are interested in doing it.

If you're interested or want to know more contact Judged or myself in-game or if you're desperate you can check out our website (which is being recreated) kindredsr.guildlaunch.com
Looking for experienced players for raiding!
Edited what we're looking for
still looking to fill our roster

goodnight Stormrage community
After a long weekend of work, I've updated our recruitment needs

Still need to fill a few spots

Ty for consideration

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