Metzen's doing a lore Q&A

Moon Guard
09/24/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Xtrabulator
Will nathanos Blightcaller ever get another moment to shine? Will he ever become an important lore character?

I asked. Also event's starting. Questions won't be answered right away
Why do I feel as if most of my questions will be overlooked or trolled?
09/24/2012 08:24 PMPosted by Noitora
Why do I feel as if most of my questions will be overlooked or trolled?

Because they will somehow know you are from Moon Guard.
I probably shouldn't have used the tag @MoonGuardCyberShire.
I was the VERY FIRST person who asked a question. I asked it literally 20 seconds after the request came up.

Where is Jastor Gallywix, and when will we see him in-game?
He didn't answer mine. :(

Dang it.
Lore Q&A starts here:

Q: Will the Alliance strike back after all the losses that they've had:
A: Yes. The Horde will also dispense some justice.

Q: Turalyon and Alleria?
A: They have plans for them. They're not showing up in MOP. They're coming next expansion.

Q: Vol'jin Novel. What're the chances of seeing a Chen Stormstout novel?
A: Vol'jin novel features Chen alongside Vol'jin.

Q: What is in the near/distant future for Warcraft.
A: Can't really say, that'd be telling. But he's saying 'War, more or less'.

Q: When do we get to fight Sargeras?
A: He's really big and super powerful. He's such a big idea it's hard to scale him down for WoW. We'll see him one day but not in MOP and not soon.

Q: Will the community ever see Warcraft 4?
A: They want to finish SC2. They talk about WC4 a lot. We'll see.

Q: C'thun responsible for the Mantid?
A: Book of Cain-like book for Warcraft! The Black Empire, ruled by Old Gods. The Aquir was part of it. All insectoid races in WoW can trace their roots to this empire.

Q: Warcraft Movie?
A: They're working on it, they're happy with how it is playing out.

Q: Metzen's favorite class?
A: Paladins since his time playing D&D. He loves druids for their unique Warcraft lore.

Q: Emerald Dream?
A: One day

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