Greater Invisibility Not Working Correctly

Today I've played several battlegrounds and I have noticed that Greater Invisibility has not worked as advertised. Roughly 80% of the time I activate it, absolutely nothing happens. No dots are removed, I don't enter invisibility, nothing. The only thing that happens is that the cool-down for invisibility is activated.

Sometimes the spell works for a second or so - I'm not attacked and no new Dots - as if I really have gone invisible; then, a few seconds later, I'm attacked full force.

Note: during all of these times I've cast nothing after casting greater invisibility, and I've done nothing other than run.

The spell tooltip is extraordinarily misleading, to say the least. It says that (1) I will become "instantly" invisible (not true), (2)and that it will remove two dots (rarely true),(3) and that I will become untargetable by enemies for 20 seconds unless i perform certain actions (happened only once or twice out of the twenty to thirty times ive used it in combat).

This is simply not accurate. When I cast the spell during battle - and to be clear, I cast NOTHING else afterwards, because I know it would break the supposed invisibility - it almost always results in a 1-2 second reprieve from enemy attacks before I start getting dotted, meleed, and hit by other spells and abilities once again.

This is a totally misleading (and therefor pvp-useless) talent. I can't believe it has actually made it this far in the testing process twards MoP.
I noticed this earlier today as well. I only got to try it out a few times, but it never worked correctly. It was never "instant" although it did seem to remove DoTs from me. About 50% of the time I could tell I was getting into the "invisibility realm", but the other half nothing really happened. Either way, I was still getting attacked.

I liked the old arcane talented instant invisibility, and planned on using this for leveling as an "oh $hit" button. Looks like I will be using cold snap instead.

It was only recently that I talented into greater invisibility and looking back on it, I don't think that untalented invisibility had these issues.
invis is soo much weaker than vanish please fix bliz
Funny thing. I noticed this as well. Asked for help and opened a ticket. Yeh, he told me to check the forum. I don't think they see it as an issue. Oh well, I guess they will get to it after they work out some of the other major bugs first. Or maybe not....
Greater Invis doesn't work at all. I have yet for it to make me reappear in less than 1 second after using it, with the same people targeting me.
regular invisability isnt working either ill use it with no1 atking me at all and after the 3 seconds i dont even go invis
Greater invisibility still not working.
The talent is utter garbage. Shame because it looked so promising and I wanted a nice alternative to Cold Snap.

They should either a) make it work as advertised or b) make it permanent. Or throw back to most rpg's/warcraft 3 and make it castable on other players for a limited time. That'd be interesting.
Same experience.
didnt work for me as well, was really frustrated as i was just using it as a get-out-of-battle card. only reason i spec this for questing/leveling.

please fix it i think it'll be a great talent when fixed properly
Blizz wont get to it for years like most every thing else that is broken and stays broke. The days when blizzard actually fixed broken stuff are long gone. Have to wait for major patches or new expansion and hope the fix was included. Don't count on it being fixed pick another talent.
Yeah. This talent hasn't been working properly since 5.0 was released. People have been complaining about all the same issues with this "talent" mentioned here for quite a while now. Dunno why Blizzard hasn't fixed such an obviously buggy mechanic yet. Then they wonder why everyone is speccing into Cold Snap.

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