How to dust out my Laptop?

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complete and utter idiot here when it comes to taking stuff apart. i would like to ask for some directions on how to take the cover off my HP Dv4 pavilion laptop and dust it out. i heard that dust can cause tech problems and i've had this comp for 5 years without dusting it. so, without any further rambling, could the more technologically-educated please help me?

computer is a HP Dv4 Pavilion laptop, just to say again.
Oh wow, 5 years? That's tough. Generally the best thing to do is blow it out with some compressed air via a can or an actual compressor. You turn it off, unplug it, remove the battery and then blow into and out of all the air vents you can find. Generally want to do this pretty often, maybe every couple of months depending on how dusty your place is and how much the laptop is in use.

However, 5 years means that there is probably some solid buildup on the fans themselves that air won't fix. You can still blow it out and that'll help a lot but if you really want it clean you're gonna have to open it up and clean the fans themselves. This is easier to do on some laptops than others and I can't say for yours as I've never owned one. You can try searching the interwebs for a guide on how to disassemble it for a cleaning and then decide if its worth the hassle. Definitely do the air though to see if that makes enough of a difference.
ty vaer. im planning on asking for computer parts this holiday season so i can build my own computer. avoid all this hassle.
found a can of compressed air (thank god) and did what you said vaer, but after looking it up on google, i've learned that HP laptops are HORRIBLY complex to take apart for cleaning, so i'm just going to hand it off to the family computer tech. i've been getting blue screens for the past week or so and its REALLY annoying the hell outta me.

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