Travel Form's Wild Charge seems worthless?

The Travel Form effect of Wild Charge causes you to "Leap forward 20 yards." This sounds great, except those 20 yards could be covered just as quickly by simply running forward, the vertical lift is so shallow that slight changes in terrain can nullify it, and it seems to have trouble with CC mechanics.

Does anyone here find it useful? Would be nice if the mid-air travel time was reduced and the leap itself took you farther (maybe 25 yards to match the other Wild Charges) and a bit higher to avoid terrain collision.
Horde Druids can jump the water in Twin Peaks as they come down the hill from the Alliance base if they time it right.
Ummm...are you serious? Travel's Form Wild Charge has saved me so many times...I don't have a lot of pvp gear on this toon but I find myself surviving heck of a lot more with this. If I say so myself, 20 yards is a bit OP. I mean, we can already shapeshift out of all the slows/snares.

Simple solution, don't use it uphill.
the 20 yards is actually additional covered ground, i did some tests when i was thinking of taking the full on 15% increase vs. wild charge and in travel form i covered just slightly less ground charging in a 2 min. span than i received going with feline swiftness. i did however do significantly worse if i hadnt used the charge at all.

i do wish jumping and charging would work a little better while in travelform i might just need to practice it more. seems that if its timed wrong you lose distance and drive yourself into the ground.

it is great for jumping over water tho in TP like Dreaux has stated. and id like to test it out as far as frost circles that mages put out and other ground AOE effects. possible to jump over these?
You can travel form wild charge out of a smoke bomb. And thats pretty sweet.

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