Who else gets paralysed by too many choices?

I've been playing since day one... I now have a level 85 of every class except Shaman all on the same server (1 slot left for a monk I guess).

I've switched mains so many times... so many choices /facepalm
i have the same issue aswell :/ an 85 of each class and i tend to play 2-3 at a time, then swap mid x-pac to another 2-3...one thing ive learned tho:

1. its great for having a basic knoweldge of how each class ticks from a pvp perspective. allowing you to know how deal with that particular class better.
2. its impossible to master a class with changes/querks that go on unless you stick to 1 to 2 classes for an entire x-pac. and i tend to not have an attachment to where what i do is 100% natural.
3. its fun as hell to play them all. can never get bored :D

p.s. i believe they are making it so youll be able to have your monk and shammy on the same realm. so your safe making a shammy and youll like it :D
Oh wait you mean they've added another character slot? Hrmmm I do have all the heirloom stuff to make levelling the shaman a breeze... Damn you Bigstink!
You need to stop worrying about what the best choice is.

Just pick something you like, and go with it. Things will work out. You have an alt for when you want to do something else for a bit.
I have terrible trouble with too many options. 60% of psychological professionals surveyed believe I have an autism spectrum disorder.
A really great way to survive alt-itis is to keybind your toons similarly.

For example, 3 is my interrupt on every character. F is my hard stun. S is my silence. And so on.
I am a huge alt addict. I have 13 lvl 85s. One of each class & then 2 locks, 2 hunters & 2 pallys.

I like playing different classes & having fun on them but I mostly stick with a handful lol.

Though in vanilla I started off with a hunter, then went to a priest. After a huge blowup in my guild with everyone quitting my husband switched realms and I followed him & he had made a shadow priest so I went with the druid. In BC I switched my main back to the priest. & At the end of wrath switched back to the druid and stayed druid <3

I am a healer hands down. So I mostly play my druid, priest, pally. I don't love the shaman lol

09/23/2012 12:01 AMPosted by Bigstink
2. its impossible to master a class with changes/querks that go on unless you stick to 1 to 2 classes for an entire x-pac. and i tend to not have an attachment to where what i do is 100% natural.

i have to disagree :) There are classes I do not shine at, mostly because I just do not really prefer the playstyle. But the classes I focus on I know them inside and out.

I think it does help that I keep my bars very similar on all of them as Gruklaar said. The only issues I really have is when I ignore one char for a while or heavily play one. Then I have to remind myself & take a min to get back into that play style for them. But it all clicks very quickly for me.

I think some people who are alt addicts do tend to only give alittle to each character but not everyone does. If you put in the work, research and effort on them it can work very well :)
All of my bars are setup the same way, dominos makes it easy to keep them bound similiarily for my G13 and Logitech G600.

Either way... too many alts is frustrating for me some times as well. Having every class at 85, I honestly have no idea what I'm going to take into MoP first either.

I guess it can come down to what your mates are playing.
I have the same issue honestly ~_~ Once a new expansion is released I keep telling myself..

"Nago.. play a real spec.. go mage.. lock - spriest!.. Stop trying to make Balance work for high rated arena."

Then i swap main 7-25 times before the expansion is out. Pester my friends non-stop for their opinions on what i should pick.

Then the expansion comes out.. I log on my druid - and continue him as my main another 2-3 years.

I've just done so much on this character; it's hard to give him up <3
85 Druid
85 Mage
85 Paladin
85 Priest
85 Rogue
85 Shaman
85 Warlock
80 Warrior
58 Hunter

Play what you like. It barely mattered for WotLK, Cata reduced it even more, and MoP is basically making it so that no class has a buff that at least one to two other classes can't sub in.
.... I feel ... Left out..

I have 3 level 85's

My druid with 4 days played.

My priest with 180 days played.

My war with 1200 days played. (since vanilla)

.... am I doing it wrong?

Edit: I have one bank alt, named Fizzledubs. :| That's literally it as far as alts go
Classic - Mage
BC - Priest w/ Hunter Farming Alt (I was Holy before the spell power changes.)
Wrath - Warrior w/ Rogue Alt
Cata - Rogue w/ Druid Alt
MoP - Druid w/ X Alt
Emerald Dream - X / ?? Alt

So far been keeping the toons at the levels they were most active and leveling up the alt I picked for that xpack to lead me into the following xpack.

I'm thinking it may be time for a Lock to reach cap...
Not me. Holy Paladin 4 life.

I dump alts like crazy though. I'm thinking of deleting my druid now that Blizzard separated feral and IMHO ripped out the soul of the class. I was enjoying it almost as much as my paladin towards the end of the expansion. I dread playing it now though.

Maybe this mage will be my primary alt.

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