Can't click on mobs,quest items,loot or mine

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This problem has gradually gotten worse the higher I level . I'm in the Wrath content now and I cant even target entire swathes of mobs.

This is my dilemma , I can tab target mobs just fine but if I hover over them I don't get any kind of sword icon or any nameplate information. It's like they're not even there according to my mouse.

Not only that , but mining , herbing suffers the same problem. I cant interact with them as nothing happens as I place my cursor over those nodes.

With quest items in dungeons or items I have to loot off of bosses Ive been getting by by logging out then in but in randoms its difficult to say to everyone ' Wait up , I need to log out then in to loot this mob or pick up this quest item. '

I noticed in Winterspring , I would tab target a mob , not be able to loot it , I would run far away and come back and I could then loot the mob. The only other way I could loot mobs I tab targeted was to log out then in .

Necessity is the mother of invention so what I've been trying to do , is hover over a mob that shows cursor interaction then run over to a mob that doesnt-but I need- for a quest or whatever, kill them together then loot the mob I didn't need so that the mob I do quest material gets swept too.

Needless to say , logging in and out is a pain but it seems to be magnified in the Wrath content as I'm going through 5 and 6 hovers before anything registers as 'loot-able'.

I'm also having to fore go lots of XP turn ins in dungeons for not being able to loot heads or books or what have you.

Any help or information would be great as it's slowly becoming unplayable. It's very frustrating.
I am having the same issue, since the patch of wonders. Herbing has been an exercise in futility as patches of 2-6 herbs will be non-actionable... bosses, mobs, even had an archeology fragment that taunted me with its sparkliness.

At first I thought it was an addon, like a non-visible yet mouse blocking layer, but have ruled that out. Did find zoning (ie BG or LFD) seems to make it clickable, so it might be some glitch in the CRZ or instance servers, like the "transport aborted: instance not found" bug that has now cropped up.
happens to me as well
Same for me...
Can't loot/target/click/whatever some mobs/npcs/items/whatever...
this has been happening when I am farming in TB some of the mobs just arnt targetable, and if you aoe it hits them but then you cant loot them.
Had this issue since the 5.0.4 patch, been ignored since the 5.0.4 patch. Ive noticed some other players are capable of clicking on the things you cannot. Ive had bosses I couldnt loot looted by my party members. Sooner or later an entire group is going to be unable to loot and some !@#$ could get real.
Im having this problem sometimes since the premop patch.
same here ..
I would like to add some infos:

Doesnt happen everytime, it can be happen lets say on a boar enemy and another boar i can target it correctly while another i cant.

1' I dont use any addons and never used any.

2' Like I said it started with 5.0.4.

3' /reload do not fix it for me.

4' My graphic card is updated to the most recent version, I updated recently but I had this problem before I update and still have this problem.

5' I played MoP beta early in for a good time (then stopped), but while playing I never had this problem.

6' I found the only way to "fix" is relog. It might let you target the thing you wanted but it still wont let you some things...

Extremely annoying. I finished a Diremaul run, without killing bosses so more loot,quests. I couldnt get the king buff because of the bug. At least i managed to do it with /target and setting a keybind to interact with npc.

+im missing loot sometimes because i cant target and loot. AoE loot helps but thats assuming the corpse i cant target is close enough.
Still having this issue. I've also missed xp for not being able to pick up things in dungeons or loot mobs , bosses.
I am also having this issue. Is there an update for this bug?
I also have this issue, with and without addons. Kiting another mob over for area loot is a semi-tolerable workaround for some of the problem, but having to skip mining/herbalism nodes makes me die a little inside, and having to log out and back in to interact with quest objects gets old quickly.
Having this problem as well.
Yeah, I am having the same issue. No addons doesnt clear the problem. Having the issue since 5.0.4
Having similar issue - I can't loot Yuangol mobs in Kun-Lai Summit. Tried /reload and removing WTF folder. Killing something else nearby and using it to area loot doesn't seem to have an effect.
Having the same problem, frustrating as all hell but logout/in does seem to fix it even for lootable mobs. It seems to get worse the longer I play in a session.
I'm having this problem as well, but it doesn't seem horribly common. I just /tar then use my "interact with target" button
I'm also encountering this bug. Not too bad sometimes, but once or twice I've had to relog due to not being able to loot a quest item there was only one of. I'm assuming it has something to do with the new loot system.
same problem
same problem here

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