Overwhelmed, too much skill/keybinding!


Is it me, or is there way to much unique skills for the Rogue? Right now, I have around 28ish skill to keybind! Isn't that a bit much? Any tips/advices? I just-reactivated my account, and haven't played this game in a long time, so perhaps I'm missing something? I just don't remember having so much keybind, this is nuts.
Yea pretty much every class is in that boat now. I have a Naga epic and that helps.
09/23/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Smally
i converted my capslock key into a control key for easier access

This is good along with shift/ctrl/alt modifying macros.

Things such as

/cast [mod:shift] Dispatch; Mutilate

Can do wonders to reduce the clutter.
Nagas really do simplify things. Once you're used to it, it's like you question how you ever played this game without one.
Using only the readily accessible keys and shift and alt mods I have 39 easily accessible keybinds. Plus two extra buttons on my mouse for those "OH !@#$!" moments.
I could add control mods in there too but they feel funky on my particular keyboard.
Here's a list of potential keybinds (most of which I use) to help anyone:

1-6 (7 can be used for throw/bandage)
mouse buttons
shift+mouse buttons
ctrl+mouse buttons
alt+mouse buttons

you reach all the way out to y and 6, and up to the f# keys?
Even if u cant afford a naga, there are cheaper mice.. if u play alot of games, do yourself a favor and invest in a nice mouse and keyboard ^^ you will wonder how you ever did without it.
09/23/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Mudkipqt
Rogue has the least keybindings of any class besides maybe priest. Seriously, Rogue ability list is tiny and many skills are used in stealth/dance only, reducing the bindings.
I use the naga-nostromo combo. Its the only thing that keeps me sane as I have enough buttons to keep things organized by similar function.

It is far out of hand. And every expansion it gets worse.
Bump tne Nostromo. Use this with a standard 5button mouse, with modifiers bound on the Nostromo, and control 5 actionbars worth of keybinds with no issues. As for every expansion having more abilities.. I'm looking at up to 10 holes on my actionbars where abilities were consolidated or taken away from my various characters. Every expansion adds a new tier of abilities.. but this one shrank the number of lower level abilities..
I use a WoW gaming mouse that has quite a few extra buttons. Naga is even better, but I got this free when I went to cata release @ Best Buy.

Other idea that I like is to move your movement keys somewhere closer to the middle of your keyboard so that you can make use of more keys. I use F, T, H as my movement keys. This opens up more keys on each side that are now easily utilized. However, this may make it so that you don't use shift/ctrl/alt modifiers - which would be your other option. Using a bunch of shift/ctrl/alt modifiers is what most people eventually get used to. You could just move your movement keys to S, E, F and gain a row of keys on the left while still being able to easily use modifiers if that's what you wanted to do.
With a 4 button mouse (steelseries sensei) I manage 70 binds on rogue and 80 on other classes due to modifiers.

Just force yourself into it when you're starting out and you'll eventually get muscle memory of it.
No stance, nomod. B3 is Middle Mouse button, my Frag Belt. B4 is Mouse Button 4 (thumb, lower). B5 is Mouse Button 5 (thumb, upper). CWU/D is ctrl+mousewheel up/down. SWU/D is the same, using Shift instead of Ctrl. During Combat, Stealth becomes Shadowmeld.

No stance, mod:shift. Shift+B4 was Deadly Throw when I was trying it out.

Stealth, nomod. B3 is Distract. With Phanxbuffs, I moved Buffs to the lower left, on top of my bars. Debuffs start on the lower right, starting above Blind and appear a little larger. LoseControl also helps.

Stealth, mod:shift.

Here's my mouse. Got it free from work.

I used focus macros in Arena but now I'm just messing around in BGs until Mists. Works for me and more importantly, I'm used to it. It's clean and organized so I can look at what I need to see at a glance.

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