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Emerald Dream
Hello Emerald Dream. As the title would suggest, I am looking to create a new guild it lieu of the upcoming expansion. What I'm looking to create is a guild that encompasses all or at least most aspects of the game. The guild would be divided into 3 sects, one that focuses on PvP, one that focuses on PvE, and one that focuses on RP. Each sect would have their respective leaders, and I would oversee all three.

Being on an RP-PvP server, I do want the base of the guild centered around Roleplay. As far as the general RP themes go, the PvP sect would be like a warband, or strike team. For the PvE sect, the activities would be based around the current raids, and dungeons, and how our characters are progressing through them. For the RP sect, I wanted it to be based around activities very similar the new Reliquary, but this sect would also house the guilds internal affairs, events, bank management, etc.

All in all, I have high hopes for this, but I can't do it alone. What I'm looking for are people who are interested is leadership positions, and who want to take an active role in the guild. But, if someone just wants to sign the charter, ride it out and see if the guild get somewhere, I don't mind that at this point.

When and If I do get people, we can work out story, character interactions, creed, name and all that good stuff.

Feel free to contact me in game as Aezeth, email me at Zakeamass@live.com, or just reply to the thread.

Thank you for Reading,

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