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Hello, Thrall people. Our Horde guild on Sargeras has been talking about server transferring for Mists, and your server is near the top of our list along with Area 52. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Sargeras, but it's been in continuous decline on the Horde side since late TBC. It finally hit its low during Cataclysm, with Alliance outnumbering us 9 to 1. If you want you can look at wowprogress or realmpop to get some data, go right ahead. The bottom line is that Horde is dead on Sargeras - no trade, no pickup raids or groups, no nothing going on, with the exception of about 20 10-man raid groups on Horde side.

Our guild - Obsidian Spur - is an original Nov 2004 launch guild. We've been on Sargeras since Day 1, Horde all the way. We're finally making the decision to move.

So, this brings me to a few questions.

(1) How did Thrall do during Cataclysm? Did the Horde population grow or decline? The same goes for previous expansions. Overall, my question is how has Thrall's Horde population growth been since the server's beginnings?

(2) The last couple of months have been pretty dead since Dragon Soul has been out forever, but how does raiding look on your server when content is more current and fresh? How does it look four to five months after content is released?

(3) How decent would you say your trade chat, general chat, pickup groups/old raid groups, and auction house environments are?

Like I said, we're looking at Area 52 as well, but Thrall looks appealing due to its smaller size. I know Thrall's Horde is small compared to Area 52, but when compared to Sargeras, you guys have more than double the Horde.

Any input and information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Wretchedmist - GM of Obsidian Spur
Hi, I had the same problems you have had with the server decline of Horde dying. I just server transferred here from Shadow Council a few weeks ago, a server me and my guild were part of since 04'. My guild didn't come with me for they don't raid often as much and I needed a change of pace. Joining Thrall has been what feels like the best decision for me. I am enjoying it here and in the guild Illusion and have made great friends for what I hope to be a long time of enjoying WoW again. I can't really answer your questions you have atm, but from what I have seen Horde did pretty well here over Cata, it's a ot more populated and active from what I was used to on Shadow Council. With the dead raiding of end game DS, I've noticed most people just trying to get other titles and achievements of the past. Firelord. ICC, Ulduar, farming heroic DS, etc. Has all been going on. I enjoy some conversations on trade, some are entertaining, some go into politics and so on. And it hasn't been a problem finding people selling things or professions in trade either. I find things on the auction house a lot more faster and cheaper here on Thrall as opposed to ShC.
Anyways, I'd be fine with you guys on the server with us and hope you'll find a spot here to settle in.
Been here since last year. Great server, friendly folk, pretty good players to boot. Not too crowded and not too sparse, just right ;)

That's horde side though. Alliance side needs a lot of people to balance it out, we are very horde heavy.
Lots of 10 man guilds here and only a few 25 man ones. Population is fine along with AH and activity.
09/24/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Benea
Alliance side needs a lot of people to balance it out, we are very horde heavy.

never gonna happen.
Shh low Alliance population is the only way I maintain my facade of being a skilled player...

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