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Saturday Night Live - when it was funny
No My Name is Earl?
Over there <3
Dragon ball Z (Or Dragonball)
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Wild Wild West.

X Files.

Barney Miller.
Corner Gas
Arrested Development
24 (pre season 6)
Tiger sharks!
Pushing Daisies and Better Off Ted
power puff girls
samurai jack
dextor labatory
bascily all the good childhood shows
Good thing I watch Doctor Who. It never ends, even after fifty years.

But in light of the topic:

Teen Titans
Terra Nova
And Buffy the Vampire Slayer (make it better)
No one wants X Files?

Sorry.. no. Horrid show ;)
= = = = =

*But, then again, I think I'm the only 1 who likes Spectreman.
Megas XLR
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Sea Lab 2021


Transformers (G1)
Altho I'll prolly get scolded for this: Sonic X (curse you 4Kids for killing off a Kirlia look-a-like in Cosmo :( )

Would love to see the Titans back too I miss Raven :(

Why must all the promising good shows get cancelled? >.<
I'd say Friends... but that ending was just too spectacular in my eyes.

I'm gonna have to go with Malcolm in the Middle. I realize they were all growing up, but I'm still sad. There were so many missed opportunities... like when Lois and Hal found out that their closet was a bathroom, for instance. Also, what the heck did Dewey and Jamie DO?!?!?!

Also... lemme think... Spectacular Spider-Man. Out of all the 8-episode new-butt "series", that one was my favorite.

Thirdly... uhm... Drake and Josh... maybe... for a bit.

And finally... um... erm... BUFFY!
No Legend of the Seeker fans? :(

-Legend of the Seeker
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Merlin - being canceled this year ><
Stargate SG-1

Red Dwarf (even though they just released 6 new episodes)


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