getting AMD FX 8150, but which motherboard?

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I've been doing some debate on Intel 2500k or 8150. I'm going with 8150, not because it has 8 cores. Because I never had a problem with AMD ever where as intel.... I had couple problems.

With 8150, I will be getting cooler master v8 cpu heat sink, 8 gb ram, but I don't know which motherboard to buy. It looks like around 130 dollars ideal, fx990? What's the difference between 970 and 990? Cost differences are about 40 dollars. And I have never heard of Asrock, are they any good?

Thank you in advance.
/Agree with Feonia - google some benchmarks and you'll see that Intel basically stomps AMD right now, but if you're set on AMD, wait until Piledriver (the FX models are Vishera) appears in October. 8150 vs 2500k benchmarks:

Also, with the AMD chipsets, the main difference is in the PCI-e lanes. If you plan to just get a single video card or two Radeon cards, 970 is fine. If you want two Geforce cards, you need 990X, and for the best theoretical performance with multi-gpus, you want 990fx.

970 supports x16 X 1, supports Crossfire in x8+x8, does *not* support SLI
990X adds SLI support in x8+x8
990fx does x16+x16, x16+x8+x8, or x8 quad
Ah damn, you guys are good. Ok so 990 is way to go for me since I will be using gtx 660.

I heard 8150 is not good, but they were saying that when the price was up +300 dollars.

But since price is at 180, isn't it worth it? I've seen some game fps tests on youtube, and it seems like difference in between 2500k and 8150 are slim.

You guys are awesome! :)
FPS difference between Intel and AMD FX are seen in games that are CPU intensive like WoW, SC2.

You won't see much if you play FPS games like Metro 2033, Call of Duty etc... but since this is WoW forum, you -must- get an Intel CPU now if you want the best possible performance for your buck.
If you're only using one gtx660 card (not two), then 970 is fine, and actually recommended for the cash savings. But -

Again, check out the Anandtech comparison I linked. The 8150 gets stomped, especially in games. And you can reach an Intel Ivy Bridge i5 cpu for $180-190, even though even an i3 will stomp any AMD cpu in WoW.

It pains me to say it because I'm a long-time AMD fan, but they really don't have a shot at being worth it, performance-wise, for desktop gaming at least, until Steamroller comes out next year. Hafta wait and see.

Also, again, if you really want to support AMD, it's still smart to wait until you can get a Vishera model - FX 8350, 6300 and 4320.
I'm hoping the Visheras come out soon. There was a rumor that they were cancelled, but then AMD JUST demoed them a week ago. I just wish they'd announce a release date.

Honestly though, the 8150 doesn't do THAT bad in WOW. On ultra, at stock speeds, the lowest I've ever dropped in Orgrimmar on a very populated server is about 40fps, and I get a solid 60+ almost everywhere else. If Piledriver ups that, it will be great though.
Vishera release date is October 23rd, apparently:

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