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Hi Folks, I have been playing for a few weeks. I ran a few warriors, a fw paladins, one mage, all to around 9th to 23rd trying to find what suited me. I had been leaning towards tanking. I had previously played City of Heroes for 5 years (a small MMORPG that is shutting down currently) My favored role there had been heavy melee and agro control specialist. So I thought tanking would work for me. In the 15-to low 20s Dungeons I was struggling, and one team politely suggested I should concentrate on a DPS first. It was a good suggestion, and I am enjoying my Arms Warrior.

Unfortunately I am having numerous problems with other players. Now, City of Heroes has it's share of inconsiderate internet MMORPG players. But it is a smaller community, I had worked out a group of really cool people to hang with. (We had 'create your own channel' function there. It is basically a cross guild chat room you are invited to. Very cool.) Although I also ran a lot of PUG (Pick Up Group) content.

I think the major difference for me here is that I know almost nothing. I was putting a star over the Tanks head for a until one Tank started screaming not to do that and quit the team. That was the 1st time I realized everyone could see that marker, not just me. In City of Heroes I could waypoint someone and only I would have that coming up. A thousand things like this seem to be creating massive conflicts in teams. Not in every team by any means, I would guess 75% of teams roll though without any problems.

I guess what i am struggling with is the high rate of team loss of cohesion in the random dungeon finder. When I have anything to do with it, because of a newb mistake, I feel especially bad. But some teams seem predisposed to imploding. I have been on numerous teams where it seems an interparty fight could break out at any moment, if PvP were allowed. I am new to WoW, but I am not new to MMORPGs. There is a lot of drama on some teams, for no good reason. THe smallest mistake (my highest level is this 35 warrior) on a pretty low level dungeon team is treated as a gross affront to someone's honor and a sign you should not be on the team, maybe not in the game, and perhaps not on the planet. These folks are SERIOUS. I seriously ain't that serious, just a dedicated grinder. I like to solo a lot, and for my 2nd or 3rd main I will probably just do storyline stuff all the way to the end game, avoiding the dungeon politics. Since i like soloing, and i like stories, and it looks like regular quests give decent rewards this should suit me well. But this guy I just want to quickly hit 90, the dungeon gear drops are good, the experience is good, and I dont have to run around the world to get quests. But my, the drama. So, I am struggling.
Hey Wronghorn-

You're in a tough spot. New players to WoW are few and far between and as such most of the folks you are meeting in the Dungeon finder are WoW vets trying to level an alt and they think you are the same. Fortunately, Blizzard is aware of this and they recruited some experienced guilds to help players new to the game. On the Ysera realm, I am a part of that guild on the Horde side. My guess is that Area 52 also has a guild that is participating in this program. I would encourage you to seek them out. They should be able to help you as you transition into this game.

As for tanking, stick with it, do some reading on other sites and ask some of the tanks in your guild for some pointers. It can be a difficult skill to learn at first and sometimes you'll need thick skin. But, once you learn the skills necessary you will always be in demand. I have 3-4 different tanking toons (lost interest in my pally at level 83), I have been doing it for a few years and it is my role of choice for any encounter. Now and then things go wrong and I flamed in a random dungeon. It happens. But, if you have taken the time to learn your class and the fights, things will work out. Ignore the idiots, be humble and gracefully take constructive criticism when it's offered. And remember, Moon always means sheep!

I hope this helps and if you're ever on Ysera, feel free to look me up.

Good Luck out there!
Honestly, don't take it criticism from community here too seriously. There are a lot of players in this community that are under the impression that they are a lot better then they actually are. If people drop, just re-queue, and try and learn from your mistakes. In most cases, failure is going to be the easiest way to learn how to play any class.

If you can, find a levelling guild that is actually willing to talk to you prior to the blind invite (this does actually happen sometimes). From there, just explain that you are a new player, and need people to learn with. Many of the more "casual" guilds aka those without as many d-bags, are much more accepting of people that don't really know what they are doing.

Alternatively, as Taumas said, you could seek out the mentor guilds on the server, and see what assistance they could provide.
As has been said, ignore the people that yell/disrespect you, they're just hiding behind a screen and keyboard, and think it's fun to bully everyone they can because they think they're better than everyone else.

I remember my very first toon, a warrior, and I was HORRIBLE, mind you, this was long before the dungeon finder, etc. Stick with it, learn what you can -- practice makes perfect, nobody was perfect with their first playthrough either.

If you need someone you can ask questions about in-game, feel free to friend me, I'll help you out with any questions you may have, I still remember what it was like to be new to the game :)
Thanks everyone, it is getting better. MoP is making queue to server kinda crazy, but I'm getting my housework done lol. I'm in the low 40s now. I did Dungeon Finder from 15-42, and it was definitely hit or miss. I have now dropped into questing. Experience is steady, I love soloing, and the drops at the end of quests are actually comparable to the random dungeon stuff. I found a nice guild with vent. They are a casual all ages guild with a good team leading on vent. Fun, chatty. I can participate in bad gaming jokes and ask the occasional newb question while happily exploring the world. Wish me luck, I'm trying to keep the determination to run this guy straight through to 90. I am a terrible Altoholic, and want a DK lol. But I think i'll be happiest if I just get this first 90 up on the board, and will have a 90 I can work towards gearing out for guild teams whenever they are around and need another body.
I'd really like to tip my hat to the original poster. Most people when they struggle, be it with the game over all or a particular dungeon, they often say nothing and quit/leave. Good on you for asking and explaining rather then bottling it up or just nerd raging/QQing. That alone has me sure that you will end up being an epic player :)

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