[H] Leviathãn

Leviathãn is level 25, and currently 4/6 in MSV.

***We are recruiting the following for our raid teams:***
Group 1: Warlock Fri-Sun 5-9pm server

Group 2: 2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 3 Dps Sat/Sun 5-9pm server

Minimum ilvl is 470 for group 1 & 60k dps required.

If you think you have what it takes, apply! :)


**Note: When applying, please make sure you know the fights, the mechanics, and know how to not stand in bad stuff.**

A little about us: We are a close group of friends, some real life, some long time wow friends. Most of us are transfers. We are laid back and have a lot of fun. We cut jokes, make fun of each other, and hang out. We run dungeons, xmogs, heroics, raids, pvp, and we do old dungeons just for lulz. We always have a guild group together. We have players on at all times.. even late night/early AM people!

Raiding: When it comes to raids, we are serious. We like to get in there and strive to down a boss. With the release of MoP, we will be hitting the content head-on as a group. Flasks, Food, Pots, Repairs are provided for our dedicated raid groups. We currently run LFR, Heroics, Normals, and Raids as a guild to help our guildies get gear!

Raid Times: Group 1 Sat-Sun 5pm server. Group 2 TBA (weekday thurs & fri possibly)

Professions: People that are dedicated with the guild and help us farm herbs/food/ore will receive help with leveling professions. In raids, you will receive food, flasks, pots. For gear, you will receive gems/chants for any new pieces of gear.

Loot system: MS > OS /roll. Later there's a possibility of loot council.

Lowbies/Alts: You are welcome to have as many alts in the guild as you want. We all have them, and anyone is welcome in the guild! We strive to help everyone. We accept casuals too! If you bring an alt in, please mark your guild note!

Addons required for raiders: DBM (MUST HAVE), Omen (if you dont use the in-game one), Decursive (for healers), Addon Control Panel (makes it easy to turn addons off/on during raids), Recount/Skada (for personal use so we dont have to link it a billion times)

Voice service: We use vent. We have a paid for 20man server. You're welcome to use it with you friends if you are in the guild.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an in-game mail or wsp. You can also PM Chiggles (GM), Cheevin, Furscand, Cauggol, Mephis, or Rideme. Also, any female name with an alt code is my toon as well.
We will be lvling in groups tonight! Pst in-game if you would like to join in :)
Updated the recruitment needs
To the top!
We are now recruiting a Raid leader and people for our 2nd raid team In-game mail me or catch Chiggles, Kikyo, Cheevin, or Cauggol
We are now recruiting a ranged DPS ( hunter prefered) or a raid ready warrior tank
If a resto Shaman or a prot Paladin spot open up please let me know, still gearing up a bit but your weekend raiding times would work well for me. Not sure why it still shows me as 89!


We a currently looking for a Tank a Holy pally and a couple dps PST chiggles or Kikyo in game
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Bump for group 2 needs!
Bump for new website and recruitment needs!
apply at http://leviathan-hyjal.wowstead.com/apply
Bump, group 1 is recruiting!

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