Holy Pally PvP help

Someone please help me on hPally PvP IDK crap about healing or Pally in general. Does anyone have a basic guideline to go off of rotation etc... and how not to DIE like a noob in 5 sec's
I'm new at wow but since I've played quite a bit now here's what I've learned for holy paladins. If anybody can correct me feel free as I'd like to know what is optimal and again, I'm new.

There is no "rotation" just priority given to different spells. Let's look at the healing spells to be used in order of "priority".

1) Holy shock. It's instant, builds 1HP instantly. Priority #1 unless you've got 5HP.

2) Flash of Light / Divine Light ( procced ). FoL is fast and heals for a lot, but if you got a crit on holy shock, use DL. DL heals for more, costs less, and has a shorter cast time. This mechanic is part of the reason why Holy Paladins favor crit over haste/mastery. Considering you have 23% crit, holy shock has 25% crit built in, and Divine Favor gives you 20% crit, this is gonna happen a lot. FoL costs a lot of mana, only spam it when you need and until your other cooldowns come back.

3) WoG. Kinda obvious.

Beacon of Light and Tower of Radiance passive is INTEGRAL to the way I play. Sometimes I'll use Beacon effectively ( no pressure on me ) to heal 2 targets but because the need for healing among targets changes so rapidly in a bg I've found its not worth it to switch who is Beaconed. Since it also costs a GCD it's just not worth it since you could have used the time casting beacon to cast FoL / DL.

What IS worth it is to have it on yourself. Say you beacon yourself, and heal some poor sob 110k in a matter of seconds. With blessing of might up, my mastery is roughly 30%. So by healing someone 110k I have a 30k shield on myself for 14 seconds thanks to Illuminated Healing. Since you do get targeted ALL THE TIME that shield is invaluable. Plus IH maxes out at 1/3 of your hp. 40k-50k shield for helping others? Yes please.

The other reason is the Tower of Radiance passive. Whenever you heal your beaconed target with FoL or DL you get 1hp. Holy !@#$. This changed the way I played holy pally. Without tower of radiance you are going to generate 3 holy power every 18 seconds. With it you're going to get 3 hp in about 3 - 5 seconds. See how crazy that is? Whenever I spawn from graveyard I cast Blessing of Might and beacon myself before I mount, 100% of the time. I can go from 10k hp to 140 in 3 casts with multiple people focusing me. Holy shock, FoL/DL, FoL/DL brings you to 3HP, so you can cast WoG on yourself or if the 3first casts got you out of trouble then you can save the HP for later and cast HS in a second or two. It is THE difference between me dying easily to 2-3 people and chuckling at it.

Utility spells / Defensive cooldowns.

Hand of Freedom: yeah. awesome.

Hand of Sacrifice: pre-emptively cast this on another target that will get damaged and you will be able to break out of polymorphs, saps, repentances the instant your ally takes damage. I rarely use this but thats gotta change.

CC / interrupts

Hammer of Justice / Fist of Justice: Good for melee since the range of HoJ / FoJ is 10/20 yards.

Repentance: Wonderful, WONDERFUL spell. 15 second cooldown on a cc that lasts longer than your hard stun. Plus the range is 30 yards. But what's really crazy is the chain cc that you can apply. HoJ someone for 6s stun. Start casting repentance when they have 2s left in that stun, another 10 seconds. I then use my aoe silence racial as they get out of that for another 3seconds. You have your stomp which is just as good. Then imagine at level 87 getting blinding light, an aoe blind (confusion-like effect) for 6 seconds or a 3s knockdown (pseudo-stun).

With repentance I can still lockdown targets for my allies even if they trinket out. I have 2 forms of cc. I always have some sort of cc up. I can stop 2 casters/ 2 healers in a crucial battle. I can stop someone at 30 yards whether that be a healer or flag carrier, and stun them when they trinket. It's just... the glue that holds together the layer of my defensive, offensive, and utility.

Rebuke: Kick that hardcasting mofo! Spell casters aren't so scary if they are locked out of their school for 3 seconds. Since this is melee you will only be using this when you aren't fleeing ( group battle and keeping that tough mage from putting out the deeps )

Defensive CD's

Oh my favorite part.

Divine Shield: Don't blow this too early. In some ways you want to save it til you're low so hopefully enemies will waste their dps on you and not your allies. Other times you want to use it asap because of its trinket effect.

Lay on Hands: Use it when you're low, as it heals you to full. Also, use it when you've exhausted other defensive options as you going full hp again buys you enough time for your holy shock/repentance/HoJ... etc to come off of cd.

Divine Favor/GoTAK/Avenging Wrath: Split them up or use in a single macro.

Hand of Protection: If there are several rogues/hunters/warriors on you go ahead and cast it. Most of the time though they can't do enough damage to be a threat. The key thing about HoP ( or BoP "bop" since that was it's old name ) is that it BREAKS cc effects that are physically applied. So because a rogue's sap is melee-based, you can CAST BOP on yourself to break it! Kidney shot, blinds, stuns from a warrior's charge...etc. So

Divine Protection: 40% magical damage reduction for 6 seconds on a minute cd. Jeebus. Similar spells have 3 min cd's for other classes. Casters of all kinds are a big threat to you so if you see that fire mage or three... be ready to hit it and gtfo. You can also create a macro that will cast this and the next spell ( Devotion Aura ) together so you have 6seconds of 60% magic damage reduction.

Devotion Aura: you can't be silenced or interrupted for 6 seconds. I need to use this better as the REAL threats to your survivability are times you can't cast. These come from interrupts such as a rogue's kick or a mage's counterspell, so be on the lookout for it.

whew, and lastly lets get down to your talents.

15: Speed of Light. #1 spell for surviving. The other talents have greater mobility in mid-fight but if you want to survive, get SoL as it will save you when nothing else can.

30: FoJ or repentance.

45: Sacred Shield. Selfless Healer takes 3 casts of Judgement which could be better used for actual heals. Those judgements take 18 seconds total to make FoL instant. And of course, the benefit is tiny considering how short FoL is. Selfless Healer is for rets who are judging often anyway, so ditch it. Eternal Flame is nice but it requires 3HP to use so it's uptime isn't that great. A lot of that healing isn't used because you're healing yourself to full anyway with other spells. Lastly it doesn't do enough.
On the other hand, sacred shield is shielding me for 11k every 5 seconds, for 30 seconds with 100% uptime if you remember to keep it up. I know it's a pain to keep track of it but there are ways to do it easily.

60: Clemency.

75: HA is nice if you need burst healing. DP gives overall more benefits b/c it's passive. In world pvp it seems like it rarely procs but in a bg it procs all the time. Just a couple of hours ago I got 4 divine procs in a row. That is retarded and happens surprisingly often.

position yourself away from the action and away from targets that can really mess you up. This means make sure to stay away from cc that could potentially allow several people to zerg on you. That's a dk's death grip, a warrior's charge, a shadow priest's endless fears, etc.

and lastly, just learn how to keep yourself alive and happy because random people are not going to peel melee off of you, nor come to your rescue even though it's essential that they do. If you die, no one gets heals. And have fun being hard as **** to kill. Only harder healer to kill is a resto druid.

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