MOP-Heroic 10m-Guild Raiding on EST schedule

Guild Recruitment
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Our Raid schedule is TUE,WED,THU (7:15pm - 10:30pm est).

Our Motto is ---> "Heroic Progression, Purples, and Sleep"

We are here to create a raiding environment catering to the sleep schedules of real REAL EST jobs.

We also use a "9 hours a week model", further catering to real life beyond the game. WE used this model to successfully raid all heroic content in DS, and are looking to do the same for Panda-land.

-->Show for raid times, flasks provided, repairs provided, potions provided, food provided, be done for rest of evening . Its a sweet deal, if your reliable enough to maintain your attendance, and keep the "research with top performance mindset" needed to tackle heroics in a timely fashion.

We have 1 raiding roster spot for a melee "dps" and 1 Tank.

We get achieves, the special mounts, the titles, the nerd-points, for every raiding member on the roster. A nifty benefit for participating in a small roster guild. If you are reliable and want to have fun raiding, come join us!

If you are interested, you can contact Mouze, in game on the Executus server, (battletag : Dirty30Mouze#1578 ; realid : and start the process there.

Paid Xfer if you qualify.
Panda boats!
the movie UP!
I have a job and enjoy raiding. Let me know if you still have spots.
gyrocopter say whut?
Full HD in 1080 p!
toastr ovens provided
but you must buy the bread.
LF healer and dps as of 9/29
1 spot for healerishous, and 1 spot for dpsador

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