[BUG] Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero bugged

Bug Report
My guild has met the requirements for [Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero] to earn the standard of unity, however the achievement is not getting awarded to us.

We have run every cataclysm dungeon as a guild many times, and have all guild dungeon clear achievements, however on the [Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero] achievement, both Stonecore, and Grim Batol are grayed out. When i mouse over the gray text, it says they were completed on a certain date by 3+ guild members.

I have screenshots to show the bug, I have opened a ticket several days ago, and I have been calling for the past few days only to experience a "full hold queue"

Please give me some feedback before MoP launches so we can get out battle standard!!!! I have had a support ticket open for days with no response.
I actually have a similar problem with Blackwing Lair. We ran it as a guild just before MoP came out, 9/11/12 according to Battle.net, and we got the actual achievement but did not get credit in the Meta Achievement, Guild Glory of the Cata Raider.

I would like to know what can be done here because we submitted an in game bug report that night and nothing has been fixed. I have several guildies clamoring for the dark phoenix mount that we should have now. I have tried to be patient with the launch of MoP but I am getting all kinds of whisper from our players wanting that mount.
Same bug here, we have completed a few of the dungeon hero meta's and not gotten credit for them. Its very annoying because we could be using the standard to get 10% more exp.

I reported an in game report and they said its a known issue and there is nothing the game masters can do. So I am assuming it will be fixed with a patch? But they have known about it for the past 3 small patch fixes and it hasn't gotten resolved.

Come on blizzard.

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