Project LFM for MoP Raiding

<Project> Is a 10 man raiding guild, that focuses on building a community with out sacrificing progression. Our raiders work well together, get along, and have fun. Going to into MoP we have some spots we would like to fill with like minded players

Currently we have two groups running with respective needs and goals. 

Team CMC / Wed/Thurs Full.

Team HKIA / Mon/Tues Invites 8:45 Pulls at 9 00 ST Ends at 12 ST

NEED : 2 heals (one with dps off spc ) and OT

All raiders are required to have vent. Working mic is recommended.

Why choose us? We are a very chill guild. We supply feasts, flasks, and on occasion we provide potions for those must kill bosses/major progression. We have a growing officer core, a guild website, monthly guild contests (tabard contests), and our players also play multiple games which are supported and encouraged by the guild (LoL, Tera and D3 for example). We believe in the principles that you should pull your own weight in the raid without choking you on min maxing numbers. Feel free to contact any officer in game, or player, or simply fill out an app on our website and an officer will get back to you asap

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