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Does anyone know if there is there a way to make your mouse left click the only button that will activate your buttons on your bar? What I'd really like to do is have my left click button the only one that will activate buttons and have all the rest of my mouse buttons just click through all my bars. I can't find a way to do this, all my mouse buttons activate all my bar buttons... it is really annoying. If there is a macro or addon or script or anything it would be greatly appreciated.
This has to be done with mouse drivers, not with any in game script. And you can't make it specific to bars. You can completely disable all other mouse buttons other than desired one, but then you can't use those other mouse buttons for anything else.
If a frame/button has the mouse enabled, it will capture all mouse events and nothing short of hiding the frame or disabling the mouse on that frame will let it through.

Now if the question was: "can i make right-click on all my action bar buttons trigger mouselook mode?" Then the answer is yes:

local bars = { "MultiBarBottomLeft","MultiBarBottomRight", "Action","MultiBarLeft","MultiBarRight" }
for i=1,#bars do
for j=1,12 do
local button = _G[bars[i].."Button"..j]
button:SetAttribute("macrotext2","/run MouselookStart()")

On default bars (or action bar addons that use the default buttons), this will make every button mouselook on right mouse button down. There's a visual after-effect of the button looking like it's being clicked which an addon could clear up.

You could (in theory) also hook "OnMouseDown" to every unsecure frame on the screen to mouselook as well, so that clicking the right button anywhere on the screen would put you into mouselook mode.

But I think making a frame opaque or transparent to specific mouse buttons is impossible without Blizzard stepping in.

edit: mentioned before the edit that mouse drivers wouldn't have an effect. Actually, if you can set your right click to a key, like ALT-CTRL-F12, and then bind that key to mouselook start, then you achieve the effect of enabling mouselook anywhere you right-click. But as Sedivy says it's an all-or-nothing change. You can't pick and choose where to enable right click this way.
Thanks for the input, but sadly it looks like I'm not going to be able to do what I want to do :( But thanks again all the same.

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