[A] Anarchists Anonymous recruiting for MoP!!

Earthen Ring
Anarchists Anonymous is a casual 10-man raiding guild on Earthen Ring US.

Current roster:
Tank/DPS: Moradan (DK) Exiled (Pally)

Heals/DPS: Letria (resto/ele shaman) Morwenn (Resto) Cenial (holy pally or ele/resto)

DPS: Warlock (Anania) Paladin (Divinewrath) Mage (Ishta) Hunter (Fellaxe)

Recruitment needs: A dps or healer

Applicant requirements
Show up to raids and play well!!! We accept alts, so we're not requiring ALL of your toons to join the guild (but they are certainly welcome to). Just send a tell/mail in-game to either Cenial or Battlehammer to get things going. We also do our invites on the in-game calendar.

Guild rules
Our guild is fairly lax in terms of rules. We expect players to show one another respect. During raids, ventrilo is expected to be kept quiet during difficult trash and boss encounters. The rest of the time, chatter is okay.

We expect all raiders to put forth max effort to progress effectively through content.

Loot rules
Roll 1-100 for main, 1-10 for off. Main takes preference over off. Having not won loot takes preference over won loot. BoE's, if not wanted for a Main spec roll, are sold on the AH and equally distributed to raid members when it is sold. No limit on items. When in doubt roll for interest!

Raid Days
Friday and Saturday at 8pm server time. We also do achievements on Sundays at 8 if you're interested in that stuff.
My bumps
Hey Cen still rocking the mad DPS?
Haha, yeah still trying =) Miss the EQ days

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