4 Friends looking for raid home 10 or 25

Hi, our guild broke up but we would really like to keep playing together. Looking for a guild that can accomodate all 4 of us. Our schedules are the fairly standard work during the day/week, free at night and on the weekends. We all have extensive wow experience, and for a time were ranked fairly well during DS progression on kj (third i think?) in the guild Total Protonic Reversal. As far as what classes we play:

1 is rolling a monk
1 can play either rogue or dk, whichever is needed
1 can play rogue or warrior
and 1 wants to play spriest

If any guilds have room for the above classes and woudl like to recruit some fun loving, drama free, experienced wow raiders, please let me know.
Contact me via real id, ca2curran@yahoo.com
we will be raiding weekend nights in MoP. hit me up in game

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