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Hey there fellow gamers, I'm planning to upgrade my cpu + mobo + ram within a budget of $500. This unfortunately includes me having to buy Windows 7 again because I have an OEM copy so it's tied to my current mb. Here are my specs as of now.

CPU: Core 2 Quad @ 2.6 ghz (slight oc)
MB: Nvidia NForce 680i SLI DDR2
RAM: 8gb Kingston ValueRAM 800mhz
GPU: HD 7850
Here is what I am planning on buying..

CPU: i5-3330
MB: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Socket 1155 Dual Channel DDR3
RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz DDR3

I'm just hoping that this setup will allow my 7850 stretch its legs a little because I am certain it's getting bottlenecked right now in this current rig. Could I get some feedback please? Oh and if you could possibly tell me what fps i'll be able to pull in SW I'd be grateful, thanks! (Currently I pull about 17 by the trade district mailbox in front of the AH in a crowded time)

All settings on Ultra except for shadows, that's on high.
8x Multisampling
If you mean by "OEM copy", is it a physical copy where you were given a key and a physical disk, not provided by HPs and Dells? In this case, you can use it again.

That said, that build looks good. I would go for it.

I strongly recommend 4x multi-sampling at most on an HD 7850.
Yes I have a physical disc and box for it. If i can re-use it could you revise my build a little? $100 is a big upgrade for a budget! As for the windows 7 I bought it through the same store I'm ordering from.
The box says it's an OEM System Builder Pack Windows 7 Professional.
Yes, you can re-use it. If it asks you to re-authenticate, then just follow the instructions and if needed, call Microsoft. They will assign you a new key.

If you do not have an SSD yet, I would buy one with the extra budget you have. You can find high-quality 128GB SSDs for just under $100 nowadays, like Vertex 4, Samsung 830, etc.
Would a processor not make a bigger difference if I got say an i5-3570 or something? Also I have never worked with an SSD before so do I need any extra cables for the mobo? I have no idea where this thing goes ;_;
There will be unnoticeable performance upgrade going from i5-3330 to i5-3570. Therefore, SSD is a better choice.

The motherboard will come with 2 SATA cables, and you can simply re-use existing SATA cables for the old hard drive and DVD drive, and use one of the new SATA cable with the SSD. You must connect the SSD to the SATA III port, which is usually colored different from all other SATA III ports.

SSD uses same data cable and power cable that hard disk and DVD drive uses.

SSD also does not have any moving parts, so if you don't have anywhere to "properly install" SSD, do not worry. Just set it flat on a surface, duct tape it to a side, etc... Just put it in a way where it would not receive any shock.
So could i put it at the bottom of my case or something? How about this?

Yeah, you can put it anywhere as long as you ensure it wouldn't experience any shocks (shocks as in physical shock, like being dropped hard, etc).

Don't bother with Agility 3. Go with one of the recommended SSDs in my guide.
Alright then how's about this?

That's better but try to go with Samsung 830 / Vertex 4 if possible.
itoo want to upgrade for mop i have an i5 650 Would a AMD FX 8150 with a HD 7970 Be a good Upgrade with 16 gigs of rams
09/24/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Blueeballz
i have an i5 650 Would a AMD FX 8150 with a HD 7970 Be a good Upgrade with 16 gigs of rams

The 7970 and 16 gigs of ram - yes. The AMD 8150, no. Get an Intel Ivy Bridge I5, even the lowest I5 you can find.
ok Whats Better the i7 3820 or the i7 3770k I WAN A i7 Just Dont Know What is Better

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