Earthen Ring MoP Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Please post Throne of Thunder kills to this thread:

Thanks everyone!
downed amber shaper WE GO UNTIL THE END
Nice! I'll get you guys updated tomorrow.

Keep those kills coming in this thread for T14. I will try to keep it updated at least until someone gets Glory of the raider.
Hi! I don't know who from LF got us listed here initially but they don't seem to have kept you updated. We ended the tier 5/6 in vaults and 2/6 in HOF.
we killed Durumu on Saturday, I forgot to post it.
Heavy Nurfs to normal ToT there is hope out there for you all.
Dost Thou Even Hoist killed Council.
Fate got Lei Shen.
Wrong thread guys. Please use the ToT thread.
anyone got a ETA
Heroic council down
<Defiant Requiem> downed Garrosh on 10 Normal. Rawr!
Welfareline gets Heroic spoils AND Heroic thok in one night. /flex

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