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Hi, I put in a website ticket for this, but am hoping to get quicker service here. I recently realm switch and faction changed this warrior to Tichondrius, and when attempting to log in, I get the popup window "Your character has been flagged for a rename." I know this is a bug so if a CS representative could help me out here that would be much appreciated, thanks.
If you did not logon after the realm transfer before you did the faction change, you triggered a double name change flag. You need to submit a ticket or call Billing to have it lifted.
Unfortunately, it is never guaranteed that a blue poster here can assist you with an in-game problem. That is what the GM's are for and to ask for assistance from a GM you open a ticket. Since you have already opened a ticket, just wait for a GM to reply.
You are gonna have to wait til they get to you..
I guess I'll just keep on waiting, hopefully it gets fixed soon. Thanks.
09/21/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Ravenhawke
Posting here will not jump you in the ticket queue. You are gonna have to wait your turn.

However, it is commonly understood that if we're able to, those of us who moderate this particular forum try to help with this specific issue.

It is always a good idea to submit a ticket, as coverage on this forum is limited and we're not always able to get to or see the thread.

09/21/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Dietcokes
I know this is a bug so if a CS representative could help me out here that would be much appreciated, thanks.

It is and is not a bug. It is more a limitation with these services. I've cleared the naming flag but I wanted to cover what happens so if you or anyone who reads this uses these services they should be able to avoid this happening in the future.

Basically, if you transfer a character and the name is already taken on the destination realm, your character will be flagged for a rename. When you log into the character you'll be prompted to select a new name that isn't currently in use.

In many cases where a faction change is done in addition to a transfer those using the service often change their character's name through that service, giving them a name that should otherwise be unused.

Unfortunately, this method of renaming does not remove the flagging that was placed on the character in the first place. In these cases the flag must be removed manually by a Game Master (by submitting a petition or support site ticket) or by selecting an entirely new name.

Good luck.
It's fixed, thanks for the response and clarification about the problem I ran into!
I have this issue can you please fix it

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