3 Days of Me Drinking

That's right PvPers ... let's see you noobs drink in front of your PC until all you can think are incommunicable notions about the Illuminati. Awe yeah I just sipped from my 5th glass of wine like a BAWSSSSSSSS! You want some peanut butter to go with that jelly?
Id like my liver to still work thank you.
All I hear is "I'm not man/woman enough to take on the Illuminati while drunk"
Nothing to say? Yeah let's see you wake up with as big a headache as me. I have mad skillz which obviously deserved their own post and aren't total horse!@#$.
I really liked goji berries for a while.

Until I bought some bulk from a health food store and, upon opening the bag, found there was a tiny little worm/maggot eating its way to the center of one of my delicious berries.

Haven't touched them since.
Oh dude that's rough. You just made me proc 5 stacks of Scent of Blarf :(

Since you have tried dried goji berries, I would like to ask you something. Would you agree that it's fair to say they have a slightly bitter, poisonous taste to them? I thought so, but I'd like to hear others chime in for lolz
I wouldn't say poisonous, because I've never to my knowledge eaten poisonous food to know what it tastes like. But there's certainly a little bitterness to it, almost a tannin-esque dryness.
Well I've never eaten poison either of course haha ... but I have smelled bug spray and imagined what it might taste like if I fired a shot off in my mouth.

Anyway here is my coolstorybro moment about goji berries. I woke up at my friend's place one morning super early to drive up to the mountains for some snow sports and etc. I was starving so I opened this bag of goji berries he had and started eating them. I'd never had them before and they were bitter but tasty at the same time, and I kinda couldn't stop. I ate a whole bunch.

Yeah so about an hour later we are driving through the mountains and the road is very swervey - if that's even a real word. I had to tell the driver to pull over several times so I could proc Scent of Blarf and expell the goji berries lol :D

Tisma you joinin my 3 Days of Drinking? :D
bump for madness

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