WTS: Leather Mog Gear! [Farm Service too!]

Schwert's got your monk covered! (Or barely if you're into that.)
As in I am sitting on a hefty pile of shiny leather gear and I'm constantly getting new stock daily.

Are you thinking of a specific colour scheme for your monk?
Need a belt to just get things together?
Looking for a specific piece before Mists launches?
Need assistance farming that special piece?


What do you have in stock now?
Way too much to list on the forums sometimes. It's also constantly rotating out and I'm getting new drops regularly.

What I can do is you tell me here of a colour or niche you're thinking of and I can go through my bank tab and get the names and post em' here of the items that match your query.

If you're legitimately interested in looking at everything I have you'll have to contact me in game and get my battletag so I can link you everything in game.
Stock will vary since every time I advertise this stuff gets snatched up.

What're you asking?
Between 25g for something like a belt and upwards to 500g for some of the more unique peices. I'm up for haggling but remember - I go out and farm all this by hand.
5g for something that took me 3 hours to find just isn't going to fly.

Can you look for something for me?
Of course - I can jot your name and the piece of the set you want down and go out and look for it. This goes for any type of transmog item outside like...Exalted Breastplates and Teebu's and stuff. World Epics and sub 1% greens off a single mob just ain't farmable.

Do you have leatherworking pattern x?
I actually don't have a leatherworker. All my stuff comes from farming old instances almost non-stop because I have no life.

I found my piece - Can I canel my farm order?
Of course. I'm merely taking your name down and reserving the piece for you if I see it drop.
No sweat off my back nor will I ever take a deposit on RNG.

Will you run my lowbie monk twink through x for either this upgrade or this peice of mog gear?
After I level 3 toons to 90 for Halloween and Brewfest - Yes. Probably for free too unless I get start getting demand for this or the boss drops a mount/legendary and/oris particularly difficult.
(I help my friends with mount runs weekly - charging is just to make up for the fact I'm losing what should be their run for you.)
I will not reserve loot in ICC 25 for anybody due to my weekly run - Ulduar 10 is up for grabs free of charge when your level is up there outside loot from Yogg-Saron 25/10.

Will you trade mog gear for mog gear?
At this time I'm currently struggling to afford all the mounts I'm going for in Mists. So no - I can only take gold unless it's something that really piques my interest. (Saltstone mainly.)
(Invincble still hasn't dropped so despite it looking like I have gold by offering so much for it I'm literally not allowed to /touch/ that reserve for anything but.)

Will you have any TCG loot this month?
Because I've had a few people ask me in game - Most likely. Pre-release is this evening as of the time of posting so I have no idea what I'm pulling or what I'm getting for trades.


Please - Leave any inquiries about gear or runs here or hit me up in game.

I'll be farming on and off when I'm not working until Tuesday when I start the power grind.
Business will as stated above resume after I have 3 level 90's for the Halloween and Brewfest farming but I'll be throwing up extra stock on the AH.
I now also have 4 Bloat the Bubble Fishes again from tonight's TCG preview event.

Sadly - No Eyes. I pulled jack outside some cards I traded for a treat for myself. Bloats were a trade for some of the newer cards I wouldn't be using.

6k a pop. Might keep one as a give-away for when Invincible drops.
Shwert still owes me an ethereal trader
Still haven't pulled one or know anybody who has.

It's harder to get a hold of for me since nobody buys the old sets.
I am thinking of rolling a female monk human. What do you have that reflects something like tight leather? I am wanting to be a ninja:P
I was thinking female gnome and have a few ideas. I'll probably talk to you about it when I'm lucid in-game, Schwertie.
09/23/2012 07:22 AMPosted by Darthoper
I am thinking of rolling a female monk human. What do you have that reflects something like tight leather? I am wanting to be a ninja:P

My 2nd screen just stopped working but I can actually check the models for you once I get it working again.
Do you want all black or just "tight" leather?

Using Mogit and going out and looking for black leather just in case for ya'!

Edit: Not a BoE but keep an eye out for these while questing
Raptorhide Legguards

Found it exactly what you're looking for I think.

I don't have them in stock but they're up on the Auction House from multiple sellers.
Check out "Scouting" x (Boot, Trousers, Gloves, Tunic)
OK man ty so much for your time!! :D
Let me know if you need help tracking anything else down.
I am looking for a few pieces to complete my 80 dps/tanking set for my monk. Am after specifically legs and shoulders. Will try to find ya in game before the madness hits.

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