Tank and Healer (H) Looking for new Raid Team

Bleeding Hollow

My friend (druid tank Neden) and I (healing priest - both disc and holy) are looking for a new place to call home (horde preferably to save the $30). We come from a land called Spinebreaker - a dying server (well, long since dead actually). To give you an idea, as a guild we went 3/8 and were still ranked 27 on the server. Some research led us to looking at Kil'Jaden and Bleeding Hollow... both high pop / balanced servers.

To be honest, our raid team fell apart a few months back and we have been pugging every week for both DS and FL since; mostly from open raid. We could stay, recruit some new members, plug away at the new Mists content.... or we could quit trying to reinvent the wheel every expansion and go out to find someone who already invented it.

We both have raid led and both have played since vanilla. We both have pretty much an 85 of every class (I am missing DK and mage; not sure on Neden). But we would only be looking at transferring our mains - a tank druid (him) and a healing priest (me).

We would need a team that raids weeknights starting between 8:30 and 9:30 PM CST - avoiding Friday and Saturday nights. Ideally 3 nights a week.

Let me know if there are any teams out there interested in acquiring some new members.

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