[IC] "The University of Creo".

Moon Guard

Upon the date of September 25th, let it be known that the 'University of Creo', an established organisation for means of public wellness and cultural preservation shall be opening its doors to those that seek further knowledge pertaining to Thalassian culture, lore, and all other subjects which may pertain to their trades.

The University Creo, housing several sub-colleges beneath its domain, opens its doors yet again to young, aspiring men and women of the Sin'dorei to gain more knowledge pertaining to all aspects of life withing the High Kingdom. In an effort to bring forth the traditions of the Blood Elves themselves, the College of Sub-Creo, College of Northern Quel'thalas and College of Antium shall begin offering public courses for all to revel within and expand their minds with.


The College of Antium: The College of Antium is where the most esteemed scholars reside within; it is here that the individuals with the most potential are presented before a son of Britannicus himself for overall examination, as well as training involving the intellect to a new, otherworldly degree. The College of Antium offers standard courses, as well as some that are not disclosed to public scrutiny.

The College of Northern Quel'Thalas: The College of Northern Quel'Thalas is one of the most standard of the colleges. Presenting the ideals of Astromancy and fine arts, it specialises, particularly, within theatre and illustration, bringing forth the true culture of Quel'Thalas itself.

The College of Sub-Creo: The College of Sub-Creo is one of the more minor colleges beneath the banner of the House of Britannicus, as well as the University as a whole. Serving its purpose and experimenting primarily within the fields of alchemy and herbalism, as well as examination over the world itself, the College of Sub-Creo offers a standard course for all students who attend there.


THE UNIVERSITY is one ofthe most renowned contributing factors to both the Thalassian military and scholars within the northern provinces, as well as the organisation and monarchy itself. The University of Creo, founded as the 'College of Creo', is that which is devoted to the study of art, theatre, Thalassian culture, finery, Astromancy and Astrology, and general information pertaining to the world - and those beyond it - as a whole. The University of Creo offers several courses that a gentleman, woman, or commoner may take. They include:

  • Astrology and Astromancy, courses I, II, III.
  • Alchemy I; Alchemy Advanced, course II.
  • Thalassian Theatre; Thalassian Theatre, course II & III.
  • Art and Illustration I; Art and Illustration II; Art and Illustration, and Painting, III.
  • Mathematics and Geometry I; Mathematics and Chemistry II; Mathematics and the Laws of physics III.
  • Philosophic Ideals I; Philosophy and Moral II.
  • .

    A Professor rules over each of these classes, instructing them as he sees fit.

    More information concerning the courses shall come forth once the college itself has found capable attendants, as well as those that would seek to teach the arts themselves. The colleges have a rather specific regiment, in the sense that they may teach some courses, whereas another may not; where an individual may fit into a particular college is decided after an application is approved.

    For questions, or to apply, contact Tyetus Czaria Starshatter for more information!

    For Quel'thalas!

    For the Sin'dorei!
    Out-of-Character Statements

    In an effort to bring together the community, as well as bring forth traditional Sin'dorei culture (concerning warfare, the fine arts, etc.) the public organisation known as the 'University of Creo' shall be opening its doors to all who wish to attend their classes.

    Offering various courses, such as philosophy, theatre, fine art, illustration, Astromancy and Astrology, the University of Creo is divided into several colleges beneath it for means of in-depth organisation within it.

    With acceptance brought about by approval of the Arch-Professor of a college, an individvual may be brought into a selective group which teaches the courses, depending on their current academic level, as well as their capabilities concerning role-playing grammar, punctuation, or what may suit them.

    This is intended to give more characters depth, and their players something to distract them for the boredom that may sometimes ensue after late nights of raiding, battlegrounds, or otherwise!


    With each college having been specifically tailored to the needs of a student who is interested within taking one of the courses, each may offer a selective method of testing and courses, whereas another may not.

    The College of Antium: Taking pride upon teaching to, primarily, crowds that wish to gain knowledge of philosophy and moral, the College of Antium takes a specific interest in those that are well-versed in manner, etiquette and otherwordly perspectives. The courses avaliable here include:

  • Philosophic Ideals I
  • Philosophy and Moral II
  • Philosophy and Higher Eduction
  • Thalassian Theatre
  • Thalassian Theatre courses II & III.
  • Astrology and Astromancy, courses I, II, III
  • .

    The College of Sub-Creo: Moreso affiliating themselves with the scholars that are versed within literal means of academics, the College of Sub-Creo typically takes individuals that are seeking knowledge which relates to a higher curriculum standard. The courses here include:

  • Mathematics and Geometry I
  • Mathematics and Chemistry II
  • Mathematics and the Laws of physics III
  • Thalassian Literature I
  • Thalassian Literature II
  • Lorekeeping and Astromancy I
  • Astromancy and Astrology I & II
  • .

    The College of Northern Quel'thalas: The College of Northern Quel'thalas, primarily dedicated to the fine arts of Quel'thalas and the Thalassian culture, offers various courses in which the alternative two do not. They include:

  • Art and Illustration I
  • Art and Illustration II
  • Art and Illustration III
  • Thalassian Theatre
  • Thalassian Theatre courses II & III
  • Culinary Class I
  • Culinary, course II
  • Culinary, course III
  • All other courses stated within the College of Sub-Creo and College of Antium.
  • .

    Theatre: The Thalassian Theatre is one that is typically revered amongst the aristocrats of society, simply due to its extravagant appearances on stage, as well as the creativity of the actors and actresses which are included within the plays. Individuals that attend the courses of the Theatre are trained for a monthy performance for the public to attend; once they have completed the entirety of the course, they are permitted to apply for a job in the Thalassian Theatre, receiving 20-100 gold, depending on their rolls played.

    Class Period: 7:30 - 8:30 CST every Friday (weekly).

    Philosophy: The courses of philosophy are that which entail moral, perspectives, and questions to the universe itself. The courses of philosophy are typically free-ranged, and may be held at random, should enough students be present and willing to hear their Professor ponder life itself.

    Class Period: 6:30 - 7:30 CST every Thursday (weekly).

    Art (Fine Arts): This course is one that details the oldest Thalassian Artists, records of various other famed individuals that were known for their abilities in illustration, painting, sculpting, or anything else. Those that take this class should be prepared to learn each of these elements, as well as showcase their own work for public display.

    Class Period: 7:55 - 8:30 CST every Saturday (weekly).

    Astrology and Astromancy: This course entails the workings of Astromancy, Astrology and all of its contributing factors. Considering its studies, most classes are held at a very late time of night, so that proper observation can be made.

    Class Period: 9:40 - 10:20 CST every Saturday (weekly).

    Mathematics: Detailing the laws of science, physics, as well as general mathetics, this course is intended for those that seek a true form of higher learning.

    Class Period: 7:20 - 7:40 CST every Thursday (weekly).

    So that the balance concerning the community, as well as guilds that involve themselves with this effort as a whole is maintained, the organisers of this community organisation are hiring 'Professors' that are interested and capable in training individuals depending on their knowledge and the course in which they come forth with.

    The wage at the end of each month for a Professor (depending on the difficulty and public interest of the courses in which they may teach) range from 100 to 200 gold.


    For more information, be sure to see myself, Forte, or an officer of Bloodsworn, who shall politely re-direct you!
    What's the minimum ACT (Azeroth Combat Test) needed to get into that? Is it coed?

    Why did I read this as "The University of Creole"?
    This loooks awesome.
    Actually sounds pretty interesting...definitely would be interested in participating in a couple of the courses.



    Sin'dorei using True Gilnean Spelling™.

    I approve.
    09/22/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Ferenold



    Sin'dorei using True Gilnean Spelling™.

    I approve.

    -Definite thumbs up-.
    *Stamp of approval*
    Nothing can compare to the intellectual genius of the Highbourne.

    09/22/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Noitora
    Why did I read this as "The University of Creole"?

    Dat's de Uni I be graduate from.

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