Is this a good server ?

I know CRZ pretty much screwed up everything and such, so is this still a good server despite that ?

How is the economy, horde - Alliance ratio, is it flooded with bots and griefers, is the community good, etc ?

I'm looking to move my DKs to a PvE server.

Thank you for your time.
The community is no different then any other server medium or higher, expect high levels of stupidity in most players but still a lot of wonderful people if you look past the morons.

Horde is more populated than Alliance, and has further progression.

Alliance still has a decent amount of players, but a good amount of them only speak French.
The biggest highlight of this server is it's raiding scene. If you're looking to do raiding on a PVE server, Zul'jin is in the top 5 progression wise. Other than that it's a pretty standard high pop server. Economy is decent. Horde outnumbers Alliance by a fair amount but not a ridiculous amount. 2-1 or 3-1, something like that.

If it helps.
I've been researching for a strong pve Horde realm myself since cross-realm started to level my Horde toons. It would be nice to level my tiny toons for more then 5 minutes without being ganked by a level 85 player who seems to want to compensate for being beat up in school and having his lunch money taken away everyday, lol.

According to GuildOx which only measures populations by level 85 toons, this seems to be a pretty evenly populated server that's ranked pretty high in both rbg's and raids with Alliance having an edge in rbg guilds and Horde in raid guilds. It's been my experience however that the number of rbg participating guilds by one faction or another is not necessarily indicative of who dominates server battlegrounds like Tol Barad or Wintergrasp unless the population is just absolutely lopsided to one faction or another. It's hard to judge the economy on any server right now since we are at end of expansion and everything is very slow.

I hope this helps.
WE need more alliance!!!! help us overtake our faster leveling, ulglier, rivals!

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