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Wyrmrest Accord
Falcon Corporation proudly presents their bi-weekly Trade Faire! Coming from always fashionable Silvermoon City. (Yes, terrible joke. I know.)

This thread was originally for the third trade faire, but it only seemed proper to edit it, convert it and taking a small page out of Club Trixx's book, make it a proper, full time ad!

We hope to see people at this little recurring event, traders and customers both! We've had a lot of fun at the ones before and hope to keep making them better and better!

Silvermoon City - Behind the Hall of Respite in the Walk Of Elders. It shouldn't be hard to miss and if you need directions, feel free to ask us which way to go.

Next One: Saturday, October 6th.
Festivities will begin at 5pm Server for customers and 4:30pm Server for vendors.

What do we need?
Everything! Vendors to set up stalls and ICly peddle wares. Security. Heralds and of course, most important of all, customers.

What does a vendor do?
Using In-Game Professions, GHI, TRP2 or just your own uniqueness with words, sell some form of skill or item to customers. Anything from a Leatherworker selling RP gear to an in-character tattoo artist is welcome to set up a stall.

What about Security?
You stand there, you look intimidating, you talk with patrons and you break up fights around you and keep people from stealing. (Yep, we've seen fights and pickpockets already.)

Ok..... Heralds?
This is the fun job in my opinion. Likely will be reserved for a member of the flock but if you're creative, loud and want to get paid a little gold for it, this is the job for you. Either there at the Faire itself or even wandering Silvermoon, we need those people who bring the customers to the spot.

Self explanatory really. Walk around, check out items, hear sales pitches, meet up with old friends, pick a fight, pick a pocket, flirt with that cute girl you can't approach on her own but the crowd will help mask how shy you are. Whatever you find fun, we'll appreciate it fully!

OOC Notes:

This will start at 5 and go until it dies out. All vendors are subject to their own prices being we don't regulate them. All sales involving actual gold are between the consumer and provider. If something happens OOCly that escalates into a fight, please keep it in whispers or party or a channel or leave. We like to keep this 100% IC in /say and /e to keep it fun.

Shameless Plug:
<Falcon Corporation> is recruiting! So if you're a trader, merc, artist or anything of the like, we have a home for you. We're planning a lot of big things come MoP and would love to get more and more people involved. Whisper Riavis or Lelani for more information.

Thank you Wyrmies for your time and support. Without the amazing players on this server, this game wouldn't be worth playing most of the time. <3

Riavis "Falcon" Duskstrider,
C.E.O of Falcon Corporation.
This looks fun. Maybe I can drop by with one of my characters to be a nuisance. n.n

Depends on how much archaeology I get done before it starts >_>
Well we hope to see you there. As well as any others! Do remember to send an in-game mail or whisper if you wish to be set up as a vendor!
Bumping this thread after a nice edit for the next Trade Faire. This coming Saturday! Need vendors, so feel free to whisper or mail us at Falcon Corporation to set up a stall.
Trade Faire coming up tomorrow at 6pm Server! Need Vendors to set up. Whisper anyone in Falcon Corporation for a chance to set up and have a good time!
The Trade Faire is this evening! Don't forget to stop by or let us know if you'd like to be a vendor. We'll have a place for you.
The Trade Faire starts soon and we could use vendors! Send a whisper to Riavis or Callithia and we can get you a spot to make gold!

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