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Is there a way to get a replacement person after someone drops group in the scenario, or goes offline? That happened two times to me in about 3 hours, the first time I just continued and 2-manned the encounter, the second time I just dropped group and received the debuff. I asked Customer Support and they said "we can't give you game hints". So I am assuming nobody read it, but it hit some sort of filter and received an automated response. Anyone else have this problem?
From what i heard, you can't kick people and you can't get replacements. Kinda sucks

hopefully fixed for mop.
I actually came to the forums right now to request that Blizzard adds a feature that allows for 2-manning scenarios. I had someone drop group right at the start of a scenario not long ago, and I have to say, it was way more enjoyable. It felt like an old school co-op game, with me tank/dps and the other healing. You actually had to watch your pulls and take your time and work together, and I liked it way better than steam rolling with 3 op characters.

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