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I do hope you read. I implore you to join these events as well. I am being 100% serious. Please read.
I’ve come up with A series of linear Stories ,will not go by who wins in a row, but who wins the most. If horde wins 3/5 battles then the story will view them as the winner. I've done some revising to this proposal. I've also switched around some stuff. Keep in mind this is not official and can be subject to change from time to time,and suggestions, positive criticism are more then welcome.

7 series of events over 7-14 weeks. (7 weeks if the battle is to happen every week. 14 weeks if the battle is to happen every other week) It will be on Saturday night’s 9:30PM Server time Starting Oct 16th.
Each battle will have rules, objectives and tactics, and stories, rewards.

I highly encourage and recommend rewards for each battle. For example: If an opposing faction loses the battle, he has to pay his enemy 2000-gold depending which is convenient and suitable for both guilds. Transfer of gold will be done through booty baby ah, or neutral ah. Gold and items rewards will be optional but will make things more interesting. Also 2-5 characters from each side must “Die” and must be considered “Dead” during these events. The characters i've mentioned in this post are only examples.

The story will consist of these battles. You must win 3/5 to call you guild the winner. This has a lot to do with World-PvP which surrounds the Horde and the AEC. I would prefer that all horde and alliance guilds come, as long as they respect RP. The crew and the AEC are encouraged to bring their allies. The event will consist of a series of battles with a story behind each. I’m open to feedback, suggestions, and opinions. The point of this series of events is to temporally yet peacefully end the skirmishes with the AEC of the east, and The Horde. As well as to come up with a clearer winner, and include good sportsmanship like conduct. I’m not saying that either guild will be true winners.

1. Act of War.
2. Battle of strike of the strike forces.
3. Find and kill their generals/council.
4. Coupe de tats (Civil War) (Horde against horde, alliance against alliance.)
5. The last stand, siege against the mighty fortress.
6. The war is lost; surrender ceremony generals are punished and executed.
7. Stubborn remnants

1. Act of war will take place in a small Alliance town such as loch modan, lakeshire, or small horde towns.
Suggested amount: As many as can come.

Story: Horde/Alliance has attacked a small town it is not long before the Horde/AEC prepares a counter-attack to fend them off. After the battle is won Hiniks/Ravenhul men against their order decide to humiliate Ravenhul/Hiniks will surviving soldiers. Ravenhul/Hinik is infuriated and decides to accelerate things.
Rules: Very few. It’s to kill each other within A few minutes. Who ever the majority is left standing wins the battle 2/3 wins that battle thus continues on to next series of battle.

2. Battle of the strike forces. Will take place on an open plain field area. Such as Blasted lands
Rules: Pretty much the same as the previous only smaller numbers are allowed. Roughly 15-20 max. Instead their A 1 on 1 duel between 1 horde and one ally. (Any suggestions?)

Story: Infuritated that his men lost and were humiliated Hinik/Ravenhul decides to send their special forces to take car of the crew once and for all. Ravenhul/Hinik decided to counter attack with his most battle hardened soldiers.

3. Find and kill their generals/Council. Max players: As many as can come. This will take place in feralas.

Story: Hiniks/Ravenhul was wounded by the opposing strike force in the last battle, and narrowly escapes with his life. He trusts his generals to stage a next attack. His council is planning a deadly attack which will devastate orgrimmar/stormwind and may even lead to the deaths of the hordes/alliance faction leaders. They must be stopped. Ravenhul/Hinik is also recovering from the last battle, and sends his most trusted generals to thwart their plans. He sends them to kill the enemy generals, and stop them.

Rules: Find and kill 1-3 (preferably 1-2) max players chosen to be the enemy general. Players may NOT go past the lower wilds, may not leave feralas or go past the forgotten coast.
Once each general are killed, they may not respawn. When all the generals of either faction are killed the battle will be lost. Generals are allowed to move, hide, fight back (If you are rouge you may not cloak, or a mage my not go invisible).

Reward: Loser pays the opposing faction 500 gold, or 500g item/ or items
4. Coupe de dat
Civil War will take place In Nagrand and blade edge arena. This will be just for fun. As is the idea of this whole event I’m planning.

Story: Hinik/Ravenhul was greatly weakened by the death of his generals. Thus the attack his generals were planning was thwarted, and exhausted much the resources of his guild. Without the support of his key players, his most powerful officials. Hinik/Ravenhul decide to host wargames event in the Arenas. The few voices of his fellow guild members suggesting a blasphemous surrender had turned into outcries and demands. One of Takota/ Bruenor last remaining yet top believes his faction is losing. He believes if the war is allowed to continue, more of his fellow guild members will die. Ravenhul overtaken with madness will have anyone who questions him executed for defying him./ Hinik infuriated with his festering hatred for the horde will not give up at any cost. Either must be stopped at any cost.Bruenor/ Takota takes his must trusted men, who’s grown to question HInik/Ravenhul during the losing war. He seeks to not challenge Hinik/Ravenhul, but force his surrender to save what remains of his fellow Horde.

Rules: 20-30 Horde VS 20-30 horde in separate raid groups. It will be 1-2 battles. Last side standing wins.

Reward: None, unless you want to give someone A reward for some good fighting.

5. Last stand, Siege of the Mighty Fortress. Will take place mostly indoors. Preferably in A town area like menithil harbor or some where else.
As many as possible.

Story: The Horde/ AEC. Has been driven back to their last stronghold. Day by day only sad stories came back to Hinik’s/Nature’s fortress of more lose of their valiant horde/alliance warriors. The civilians near their fortress spoke with fear of an impending attack, only to see that nightmare come true. The Alarms sound. Civilians scream shout and cry for their loved ones to come inside. Warriors of the Horde/Soldiers of the Alliance brace the gates for an impending attack. Hinik’s/Natures opposing forces reach the gates and sound the horns. After A long period of fighting the Horde/Alliance break through the gates, hacking down soldier and civilian alike. A grim day, the fortress burned to ashes, along with many of its members.

Rules: There will be two battles. One outside the gate, the next one inside the entrance, inside the town. Who ever wins these two battles wins the match.
Reward: The city is sacked 2000-4,000 gold will be awarded to the opposite faction.
6. The war is lost; surrender ceremony generals are punished and executed.
This will take place in an area such Azshara or westfall. Please wear something nice.
Rules and description: I have requested 2 top guild leaders from each faction, Ravenhul, and Mordrok, or King Hinik, and Queen Krystl. The top two of each guild must be there. I have also requested strictly 10 additional Horde/Alliance. For example if the alliance lost the majority of the previous battles then king Hinik and queen krystl must show up, as well as 10 additional alliance cohorts, vice versa with the horde. As well as about 5 other alliance/horde to witness their leaders being punished.

I have also requested 15-30 Mostly mature horde/Alliance. They are to witness the Alliance/Horde leaders be punished. They are not to attack them At all unless part of the ceremony. (I will not tolerate a camp-fest, it won’t be fun.)
The losing alliance/horde top two leaders will be allowed to wear gear; their cohorts must strip down and wear only gear tabards.
Procedure of surrender/ceasefire: Ravenhul, and his second in command must walk up to hinik and they will both /salute each other, /nod /bow. Loser will kneel briefly.

A. Alliance or horde must choose 2-3 from A series of humiliations: Top two losing leaders must beat down to A few hp thus they will jump off A cliff. If they need help jumping, they will be mind controlled.

B. Hinik and Orooth/ Ravenhul and Mordrok must walk back and forth in a straight line while being shot or getting objects thrown at them. (I ask you NOT use heavy attacks such as shattering throw. It would be better if there hp dropped slowly. Thus if you want to throw weapons, make sure there will bad ones, and your not geared.

C. Both losing faction leaders will be whipped by the opposing faction generals. (Maybe with something like a riding crop, or if that does work, just beat them with some wimpy looking object. The fate of 2/3 Natures/Hiniks remaining officials.
They will be lined up in A straight line and shot A selected amount of hunters/or casters.
3 of his remaining Leaders will be beaten to death by the entire horde. But horde must not use weapons, they must be unarmed.

Story: After a long and violent war both guilds can rest assure there is temporary peace. The hatred between the two still remains. A bloody solution has been reached. Both faction leaders responsible for the mess are punished. Hinik’s/Ravenhul men still infuriated by the loss of their comrade’s take 3 the enemy generals and beat mercilessly.

7. Stubborn Remnants: A chance for Horde/Alliance to get back at winners. I do ask you do not interrupt the ceremony. I left this open for discussion

Story: Remnants of the AEC/The collective of Horde guilds angered at the lose of the troops decide to go out in a blaze of glory. Only time will tell what happens.

I never really finished a good story and goals for the "Stubborn remnants" part. Still working on it.
09/22/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Teatoe

Grand PvP plans there. Grand plans. Weren't you in Goldshire the other day, slaughtering low-level PCs flagged for PvP and running from the 85's? :P
09/23/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Roahin
Grand PvP plans there. Grand plans. Weren't you in Goldshire the other day, slaughtering low-level PCs flagged for PvP and running from the 85's? :P

What does me going after lowbie players in elwyn has to do with this proposal? I like to wpvp, it's what I do. Ganking lowbies is what motivates me to wpvp :D
I like the cut of your sail bloodlord.
09/23/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Malvoiant
I like the cut of your sail bloodlord.

I'll get you soon enough, Malvoiant. Muahahahha!
I know it's a lot. :p
Bump because i want to see this happen
10/03/2012 10:15 AMPosted by Sîlhouette
Bump because i want to see this happen

i'm happy to hear that! Thanks for your support.
10/04/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Ravenhul

Don't cry. I am sure it will happen one day
Really though, TL;DR
I look forward to this event. I'll talk to some AEC members, see what they think.
I'll see if I can speak to them once I can log in lol.

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