Hibrid druid Lf hardcore

Hi Stormrage realm, Im new to this realm, and im looking to find out a hardcore raiding guild to join, I have over 7 years playing world of warcraft and know what raid means know the basic mechanics of every single roll, right now since mop is about to come outs and thx to blizzard for make the achievement account wide I can finally reroll and use my druid.

I can play any roll (just let me know what you need and that will be the roll that ill be playing for the guild)

The schedules that i can attend are:

Thursday to monday

from: 10:00 pm
to: 01:00 am

Tuesday and wednesday

If you are interested on get a really good and dedicate player (check achievement points for reference) let me know and we can have an interview,


All on server times.
Bump before mop

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