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Hi Reader, I've studied Kalg's thread for a few hours and need help choosing

I NEED a ystem that will NOT lag whatsoever in MOP, in cities i need 60+ fps and loading time between maps / arena should be minimal

I also need no downtime in alt tabbing
I will be frapsing / streaming in the future

I don't need usb 3.0 or anything fancy

will be either playing on 1680x1050 or 1900s

Okay now, since i'm a human being, i want to spend the least amount of money as possible.
I don't want something that will be overkill for me , but i also want a system that will meet my wants and needs

Current parts:
750W HW Corsair modular
22inch samsung monitor
500gb hard drive
optical drive

Build 1:
i3-3220 - $125
HAF 912 case or similar - $75
B75 Board: 75
2x 4gb ram: 35
SSD 120gb: 75
7850 GPU: 150
= 530~CAD

Build 2:
i5-3570k + mobo: 325
Cooler: 30
7970 OR GTX 670: 335
2x 4gb ram: 35
SSD 120gb: 75
HAF 912case or similar: 75

Build 3(budget upgrade):
e8400 -0
evga 780i -0
500gb hdd
4gb ddr2 ram - 45
= 200

Final comments: The only game i'll ever be playing is WoW
I need a system that will not lag for WoW or similar games for the next 3-4 years

my current system that is equipped with e8400 / 2gb / 2x 8800gt sli lags a lot in populated areas
question for your second build
will you overclock? if not I suggest grabbing a different i5 and getting a 7870 instead of a the 7970 or 670

120-128 ssds usually run for 100 *from trusted brands and the better models* i.e. Crucial m4/intels 520*I think*/etc

unless you plan on playing higher demanded the 7870 should be overkill and saves you an extra 100 bucks or something like that

also note that WoW has its limitation and because its a 5+ year old game there are somethings that aren't optimized well, so you can't expect 60+ fps on a boss fight that spews fire in a 500 yard radius
I will be overclocking.

Im not worried about raids

all i care about is loading time / city fps / arena fps
Well just remember to install WoW on your ssd and watch as load times become 2-3seconds instead of minutes

if you play on a high pop server i.e. blackrock
I get 25-45fps on ultra *shadow high* in org just because there is an absurd amount of people at peak hours.
with a similar setup as your 2nd setup.
I don't/won't put all settings to ultra/high esp shadow
well depending on your setting I get roughly 40+ fps with my settings mixture of med/high/ultra
I don't really care about ground cluster so I usually have that set lowish and some minor stuff

~this is for peak hours in org

i5 2500k
radeon 6850
1920 x 1080 resolution
Thanks Kay but outta the 3 builds i listed, ( because i can get the parts a bit cheaper than retail)

which one would you suggest for my needs?

09/23/2012 09:01 AMPosted by Kaykó
Build 2, but the GPU is overkill.

what do you think of this, keeping my current system and just updating the graphics card and clocking the cpu to 3.6ghz, i have a 22inch monitor running at 1680x1050

build would look like this

e8400@ 3.6ghz
750w psu
evga 780i sli
7850 gpu
4gb ddr2 ram

upgrading ram + gpu..

cost: $200

can i max out all settings to medium/high/ultra except shadow with this at 1680x1050?

also is WoW cpu or gpu intensive

and is a ssd required for low load times?
New graphics card would be bottlenecked by your CPU, and old DDR2 RAM.

WoW is both CPU and GPU intensive in places like raids.

SSD will decrease loading time indeed, and would provide a better gameplay experience, but it's only for the initial loading. After that is no difference.
No system will be 100% without lag ever. I run a Radeon 7950, Core i7 3770, 180GB sandforce 3 SSD, and 16GB RAM and on occasion, I still see lag.

Turning down anti-aliasing seems to have the best bang/pretty effect on reducing stutter. While WoW is old, it's not without it's demands on hardware.
i just want the best possible system for my needs, i would never put up all the settings to max / ultra

i don't care much for eye candy

so a set up that allows me to play without lag with only required settings is what i'm looking for
I would do a core i5, 16GB ram, and the best video card you can afford.

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