Where do you get heirloom items

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I have been gone from playing this game for over 18 months I just came back and I cant for the life of me remmember where you get heirloom items from. I found the PVP ones and I know you get some from being a member of a level 25 guild but what about the rest where do you get them.
Darkmoon faire

Argent tournament

Justice points

Honor points

Guild Perks
But where are the venders, would anyone mind giving me a location.
For the heirlooms bought with Justice Points, there's a place with vendors in a building above and behind Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar (Horde), or in the building with the hunter trainers in Old Town in Stormwind City (Alliance).

The Honor Point heirloom vendors are probably where the PvP gear vendors are, in the Valley of Strength (Orgrimmar) or Old Town (Stormwind). I haven't actually looked for the PvP heirloom vendors in a long time, though--last time I bought a PvP heirloom was back in Wrath, using Stone Keeper's Shards in Wintergrasp. x)

Heirlooms may also be purchased with Champion's Seals from a vendor within the main tent at the Argent Tournament, but only if your character is a Champion at the tournament.

Heirlooms may be purchased from a high elf vendor at one of the stalls at the Darkmoon Faire (available one week a month), next to a pair of Dark Iron dwarves who sell transmog replica gear. Those are purchased, of course, with Darkmoon Tickets.

Guilds may unlock unique heirloom pieces with levels/achievements, and those may be purchased with gold at a guild vendor in any major city; ask a guard for directions to the guild master NPC in a city.

There may be alternate vendors to purchase some of this gear, but those are what I can think of off the top of my head. :) Check Wowpedia or Wowhead for more detailed information on the particular vendors and their locations if you still need help.

Good luck!
THanks for that info Cerylia.
how do i get boa gear (currency) (location)
02/16/2016 02:13 PMPosted by Fightsatdawn
how do i get boa gear (currency) (location)

This thread is VERY old, so old that one of the ways to get Heirlooms listed above is no longer in the game, and one of the others will no longer be in the game when Legion drops. The heirloom system has also changed completely twice over since this thread was started.

Because of this it's best to start a new thread for your question than drudge up an old one with crazy amounts of outdated information.

You NOW (as of WoD) get heirlooms through:
DMF prize tickets
Argent Tournament tokens, earned through Argent Tournament dailies
Some from holiday currency
Honor (this is the one that's going away in legion)
Also there's a few that have dropped from mythic bosses, been awarded through shipyard missions, or are the reward for one of the Stranglethorn Fishing tournament "medals".
I heard you can purchase some using timewarp currency, is that a myth?
...The post right above yours says "this is an old thread, please don't bump it because it contains outdated information".

So since you seem to want information from 2012, timewarped seals don't exist. You need to grind up justice points if you want your heirlooms.
i cant find where to get heirloom gear
10/04/2017 03:05 PMPosted by Bugga
i cant find where to get heirloom gear

The game changes frequently. It is better to start a new thread with your question than to put a 5 year old one that has old, outdated info on the front page.

Heirloom info, including vendors.

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