I thought macros were stored on servers now?

UI and Macro
A few weeks ago, I edited several macros to fit better with the patch. After considerable work, I got everything functioning perfectly.
Then, my PC was stolen in a burglary, and I had to build a new system.
I had a full backup about 1 month old that I restored from (Before the patch and macro edits)

Now, all the macro changes are gone, and I'm back to the original set, trying to remember the changes I made before.

Seems as though the macros are on my hard drive, not the server?
It has to do usually with file permissions on your end. If your WTF is having virtualdrive issues or read-only issues, server side macros will not be able to overwrite the local ones. So once you log out, whatever you have locally will end up overwriting the server ones. And that's usually. Sometimes I have no idea why it happens.

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