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Games that are "Over The Top" can be a good thing and a bad thing. If done correctly, you got crazy stupid awesome and, if done wrong, you just got stupid. That being said, what are some "Over The Top" games that stand out to you, both the good and the bad?

I'll put my vote in, right now, for Double Dragon Neon. It only recently came out but MY GOD this game takes "Over The Top" and just ratchets it up to the highest levels I've seen in a game in recent years. The game hardly takes itself seriously, from constantly making fun of itself through enemies you face and the dialog is cheesy as all hell. That's the good kind of cheesy too. Also, the music is pretty awesome, and the ending song is just downright hilarious.

Seriously, this game is just FUN and for a gaming series that has not received all that much love in recent years like Double Dragon, seeing something like this come along just breathes new life into the franchise. I sincerely hope WayForward and Majesco does some more stuff with this because man, this was so entertaining!

Edit: For those that want to see the crazy stupid awesome ending, here it is:
Postal 2 is very over the top for many different reasons.

As for just crazy, zany game, Borderlands 2 is the latest game that fulfills that over the top craziness of the game world and its denizens.
im sure DMC 3 would qualify
Plants vs. Zombies.
Soccer goes "Over The Top" in a bad way. The amount of pomp & circumstance before some games (called "fixtures" in Pansyish) compared to the amount of action you'll see afterwards is even worse than the MLB All-Star game. You'll have a more enjoyable time watching two doctors compete against each other on a patient receiving laser hemmorhoid surgery.

When it comes to the World Cup, you have a better chance of being eaten by the walking zombie of George Burns than you have of seeing fair and consistent officiating. Don't even bother watching if your country doesn't bribe FIFA because you're only going to end up kicking cute animals whilst screaming, "This is the last time I'm ever watching the World Cup!"
Over the top good brings only one game to mind: Asura's Wrath

The game was made by the fine people at Cyberconnect with one goal in mind; to make a game so over the top ridiculous that stereotypes you commonly see in anime become awesome again. And by all means they succeeded. You know your game is insane when the first boss grows to the point where he's roughly as big as the planet itself and you get to kill him by punching his (now the size of a small country) finger.
09/24/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Reshuv
Over the top good brings only one game to mind: Asura's Wrath

Just about to say this.

Like taking God of War, already over the top to begin with, and pumping it full of more testosterone.
I can only describe Saints row 3 as "over the top".

You can go nude car surfing while wielding a giant purple sex toy...

You're going along in the campaign and all of a sudden... Hey it's Burt Reynolds and you gotta go kill some zombies! Because why not?

Ah man, that game was great.
09/23/2012 07:57 PMPosted by Kalganized
Postal 2 is very over the top for many different reasons.

I love that game so very much. It's one of my preferred ways to blow off steam on a bad day. The lines + voice acting of the Postal Dude are great.

My entry would have to be Mortal Kombat II. MK 1 was pretty over the top for its time but MK2 went even more overboard by adding Friendships and Babalities in addition to even more ridiculous Fatalities.

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