Blizzards Blind eye to Linux Users.

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Before reading this understand I am not trying to start a trolling forum I am just simply stating what I have noticed over the years, and with the money Blizzard makes I just dont agree.

For as long as I can remember (Been playing more than 7 years) players have been requesting a linux client here and there on the forums and have received nothing from you Blizzard. I understand that the linux player base is probably less than 10% but they are still paying customers, and lets be honest you (Blizzard) make way more money than the effort you put into World of Warcraft. Why not show these players who have been making a request since wow started some feedback such as a client?

Yes you could respond to this with Wine runs wow fine. But in reality why are you letting wine be the excuse to not make something your players request? Yes Wine works excellent but not 100% some players will report more frames than Windows using it while others will get 5-20 less Frames. Wine has done an amazing job trying to make WoW work as good as possible for the players. But they are not the ones who should be putting in this effort it should be you Blizzard. How about showing some feedback to the Linux player base and make a linux client for them? Money is not the issue here and we are all well aware of it.

This is probably the longest request in existence that has been unanswered and not resolved. Blues will show a blind eye to any Linux post and most likely we wont see one in here, They avoid the linux posts just as you do Blizzard. I am not trying to be one of those people who say “Oh blizzard doesn't care about the customers.” because that is not it. But in the case it is something unresolved for 7 years.
^ That is true and Blizzard needs to understand Linux is not how it use to be with games. Native Linux games now work Flawlessly with amazing FPS due to the years of work on Nvidia/AMD drivers yeah there are bugs here and there but your telling me the same thing doesn't happen in Windows?
Probably wouldn't be cost effective for them to develop a Linux client for a small percentage of the gaming market. Would be nice though.
I would agree with you if Blizzard actually released a beta linux client to check the numbers because they really have nothing to go off. Most linux gamers will dual boot Windows just to play wow so Blizzard really has no idea of the actual linux base number.
OP thinks throwing money at the issue will fix anything.
09/24/2012 08:13 AMPosted by Karagra
I understand that the linux player base is probably less than 10% but they are still paying customers
You answered your own question twice. Linux users interested in WoW can run a Windows emulator to do it. I bet that playing Windows games on Linux is one of the biggest drivers behind such emulators. Therefore the need to support Linux is diminished. Linux users are still paying customers. In other words, adding Linux support will not significantly expand the market for Blizzard. There was a company in the '90s (I forget their name) whose business model was to port Windows games to Linux. They didn't last long. Blizzard (like any other successful company) invests their time and resources into projects that they believe will yield high returns on their investment. Linux support is not such a project.

09/24/2012 08:13 AMPosted by Karagra
Money is not the issue here and we are all well aware of it.

Actually it is. Blizzard is a business, not a charity. They're rich for a reason.
Eh, maybe eventually. Need to see how well Valve's little experiment turns out first.
Not a whole lot of motivation to spend time porting a game to another platform when you already have an established player base in the millions.
@BLizzs uploading my payment history now that dates back to 05 =)
7 year proof just for you and my $500 plz
Linux is too secure?

I know Blizzard would ban Diablo 3 players that tried running D3 on a Windows emulator under Linux because there was no way for Blizzard to detect if a Linux user was using a botting software or not.
I'm guessing because blizzard doesn't want to have to develop 20 different clients for ever freaking linux disto because the linux community refuses to sit down and decide which distro they want to be the official linux.
The possible gains to Blizz would likely not even scratch the cost of implementing and maintaining a native Linux version.

The amount of Linux users that do not play because of the lack of a native version would be miniscule.

Most Linux users that want to play already do either via Wine or dual boot situations. So while it would be nice to have a native version there is no money to be made as there is next to no new customers to gain from it.
09/24/2012 08:13 AMPosted by Karagra
Yes you could respond to this with Wine runs wow fine.

Seems like a solution already.

Sure, Linux users are a minority as you said. But if they have solution already. Seems like a waste of development to cater to a specific client just for it.
@Ziryus the only client they would need to make is a .deb because one all newbie linux users use a source of debian and two anyone uses another distro that doesnt use .deb will know how to convert it over. So that is not the case.
@Pucifer it is a solution untill they release a patch that doesn't work with wine which has happened in the past and will in the future
I use linux and I just dual boot to play WoW. I really don't see what the issue is. You're taking precious development time for something that does not need to be made instead of making better and more content.

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