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This will be updated regularly, as we are still growing and forming the base of our guild. We are currently recruiting and seeking those who would be willing to fill Leadership positions and assist in organization and recruitment for this H-RP guild on Moon Guard. If you are interested in this, please contact Shetai directly in game. Thank you for your time!

In the language of the Shu'halo Lomani means 'Shadow.' An appropriate name for those that serve in it's ranks. To most they appear as Ambassadors, Surveyors and Protectors.

However when out of the public eye these jobs have behind them ulterior motives. Spies, Watchers, Messengers. It is all still very vague, even those who enlist their aide do not know truly what it is the Lomani do. They only know of the results they provide.

On occasion a special type of individual is needed. One who can be discreet in their actions. They might relay messages to important figures of the Horde or even 'acquire' vital documents. These individuals are the eyes and ears of the Horde. Leaders on various levels find the Lomani's services invaluable. Their success is their secrecy. To the public they are delegates, ambassadors and even cartographers. They can be charismatic and charming, often wandering across the whole of Azeroth and beyond as they go about their daily business. In truth they are resourceful individuals who work for the betterment of the Horde and it's people.

About the Lomani

The Lomani Division is a new Horde RP guild here on Moon Guard. Our organization is based off the Holy Striders themselves. Brought to the Horde by the Tauren, the Holy Striders were used as messengers, diplomats, spies and explorers. To preserve this heritage the Lomani was formed, gathering to them those who would follow in the steps of such an important and respected profession.

Our services will be available to other organizations here on Moon Guard. It is our hope that by doing this we will assist in bringing more communication and interaction amongst the Horde population. It should be known however that the Lomani, while a 'behind the scenes' organization, is still an honorable one. They work to better the Horde and it's people. They will not agree to participate in a mission that they know could go against this.

As we grow we will be organizing many more events as well. We hope to bring more RP out into the whole of Azeroth and beyond. As the Lomani are kept busy, they are constantly on the move and wandering through the lands as they complete their assigned missions.
Ranks of the Lomani

Commander - Leader of the Lomani.

First Sergeant - Assistant to the Commander. This individual has proven invaluable to the Commander, assisting her in the daily workings of the Lomani.

Overseer - Leadership of the Lomani. These individuals have shown initiative, loyalty and leadership values to aide the Commander and the First Sergeant in guiding the Lomani.

Mentor - A Veteran of the Lomani. They have spent their time rising through the ranks of the unit and now spend their time training the newcomers on their various paths.

Surveyor - These individuals wander through the lands of Azeroth and beyond gathering information on the terrain, enemy positions and other vital bits of information to the Horde. They often are used to pass this and other messages between important figures of the Horde discreetly.

Watcher - These individuals are extremely observant. They are at times used to 'follow' individuals of interest. They are usually quite charming and charismatic, mingling and blending in with those around them as they perform their missions. They have also been known to 'acquire' documents and the such discreetly.

Keeper - The Protectors of the Lomani. These individuals are used often as 'escorts' to the Surveyors, Watchers and higher ranked members of the Lomani.

Apprentice - A member of the Lomani who is preparing to walk one of the specific paths of the unit. They meet often with Mentors to learn as much as they can about their future in the organization.

Scout - A low ranking member of the Lomani. They have passed their probationary period and are preparing themselves for their Apprenticeship.

Initiate - A newcomer to the Lomani, untested. Their loyalty and devotion to the organization will be tested during this probationary period.

Joining the Lomani and Current Recruitment Needs

Website: http://lomanidivision.shivtr.com/

Those interested in joining the ranks of the Lomani should first visit our website. Though still under construction, it holds all of the information concerning the guild. Applying via the website or contacting a member of Leadership are both acceptable methods of setting up an IC interview. All Races are allowed into the organization, though Forsaken and Blood Elves may find it a bit more difficult ICly to obtain admittance. We ask that all characters seeking admittance be level 15+ or for Death Knights 60+.

We are currently recruiting Leadership positions. These individuals will assist in expanding the guild as well as organizing events for the Lomani. Those seeking to apply must be active, show initiative and be a respectable member of the RP community. If you are interested in this type of position, please contact Shetai directly.

Currently seeking a First Sergeant as well as more Overseers at the moment.

Lomani Leadership
Please contact the following individuals if you have any questions or seek admittance into the Lomani

Commander(s) of the Lomani - Shetai and Paamuk

First Sergeant of the Lomani - Vacant

Overseers of the Lomani - Chattu.
Policies and Guidelines of the Lomani

1) Drama stays in the theater, don't bring it here.
2) Ranks are based on activity and participation in RP and other events (Not Raids).
3) Members will be demoted to Scout after 1 month of inactivity and removed after 3 months if reason is not given.
4) We prefer players who have seen outdoor sunlight and remember this is a game.
5) We do not slander other Players.
6) We do not participate in trolling, period. This applies to Trade, General, Battleground, etc. You represent us, you need to act accordingly in Public.
7) We do not invite players with non-RP names (Ex: Killxxxlol, Legolas, Hunterpow). If it appears OOC, but has an IC meaning you may explain to us for an exception.
8) Guild chat is OOC, but we have an IC channel that will be frequently used. This is so members can take advantage of the Mobile Chat function.
9) Interview/Application process is mandatory for all incoming members.
10) Make sure we can understand what you are typing. Basic grammer is a must.
11) Sarcasm does not travel over the internet, and may rub someone the wrong way, thinking before pressing enter.
12) Many of us play both factions, please be mature when talking about the opposing faction.
13) Strong language is occasionally used in guild chat, but try and keep it clean (generally).
14) To join one must be at least 15+ and 60+ for Death Knights. All races are welcome.
15) Remember IC =/= OOC.

- All newcomers will be placed on a probationary (Initiate Rank) period for two weeks. Within this time, Alts are not eligible for invites, this must wait until after your two week period is over. This is the time for you to see if we are the right guild for you.

- In order to move up from the Scout rank you MUST have passed your two week probationary period AS WELL AS registered and POSTED on the guild's forums. Your first post as a Lomani Member should be the signing and agreement to this Guild's rules. Please see the Lomani Pledge of Service post.

- To move up from the Apprentice rank, one must decide upon a 'path' for your character. If you have questions OOCly about this, please speak with a member of Leadership.
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We are now paired up with our other half on Kirin Tor (US), also called the Lomani Division! A way to use CRZ to our benefit and help bring RP together!

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