Taste for Blood and how it applies to PvP

Evening Warrior brothers / sisters. had a quick question for ya'll this evening and was just hoping to get some clarification. alright here it goes , Taste for Blood. is it just me or does it not seem to proc nearly enough to be concidered something that is viable in PvP. sure you use slam and over power and build TFB proc's...but they dont seem to ever ( in PvP mind you ) get over 2 stacks and that's if i'm lucky. usually i'll try and save and i'll either get stunned and the time runs out on the proc or i wont get above 1 wich in turn is trashing my DPS due to a lack of using HS. ( yes i know slam hits harder..but when your sitting on rage and not using your ability that isnt on the GCD it slow's your dmg a bit) anyone else having this issue or am i just getting unlucky with TFB proc's? please no L2P Nub comments just constructive Posts that could help me solve this issue. wether to drop building stacks of TFB completley or do something diff to effect my current TFB proc issue. Thanks warrior community.

Ps: lol i know we're going through a hard time right with the lump on the back of our heads from the nerf bat. but we'll pull threw and build a strong base even with the nerf's....we always do.
I would say not to focus on it pvp, or even pve really. It is an amazing passive but i've never got over a 4 stack in PvE, more then anything you should be aware of the buff, how many stacks you have, and how long on the buff you have. I wouldnt focus on stacking it at all in pvp, so much as just being aware of it.
The proc rate is extremely low.

I haven't pvpd yet this season, but ever since I got the ability, it has not gone beyond 4 stacks, and that was only once during a dungeon.

Only thing for it that I can see is that it can do a lot of damage even at just 3 stacks, problem is, it doesn't happen very much.

Two is generally the highest I'll get when doing random dungeons, and the result is not more powerful than the overpower crit itself.

Starting to consider just ignoring it, as wasting rage on HS seems silly while I could use it on other abilities and get some good aoe instead.
I got 5 stacks earlier only to pop reck + CS and watch the boss go immune the second I press HS...

Nevertheless, have gotten 3 or 4 stacks pretty often. It's just about to wait for those stacks to get to 2 then priority is OP > MS > Slam (to not cap on rage) and usually get at least another stack.

I should advice for pvp not to sit on rage, you should be using HS everytime you cannot Slam to avoid capping and just build stacks when you can do it so without capping on rage or when too many OP procs one after another.

I've hit for 50k on pvp and got a 230k on pve with 4 or 5 stacks, dont remember
With the ability to have sweeping strikes up 100% of the time, try sinking rage into that rather than HS to increase damage, if youre 1v1ing just ignore it, its a horrible mechanic but thankfully blizz had the sense not to balance our damage around it
Warriors have been eliminated from PVP in case you didn't hear. Even with 10 pocket healers, critting for 4k wont get you any kills. Execute maybe if you catch someone low, but it's on the nerf list.

GREG STREET eliminated warriors from PVP, period.

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