2 raiders LF late night guild for MoP.

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Hey I know your looking into getting a guild for late night, however right now it seems a bit harder to do it. I have been thinking about creating a Late night guild with a good group of people. There are a lot of players looking for late night at the moment. If you and your friend are interested maybe we can talk a little about it at some point.
I, also am looking to get a late night guild going on the horde side. we all need to decide on a server and such i have a level 6 guild on my server we can use and rename and i would love to get a late night such as 1:30 EST which is 10:30 PST and run for about 3 hours 3 nights a week. I would like to talk to any of you interested in this idea. add me on realID @ loganc8109@hotmail.com

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