Shadow Priest LF Semi-HC raiding guild

Knowledgable, comptent raider thats looking for a semi-hardcore raid spot. Armory me or whatever. ask questions on here or in game. Raided all through DS with current guild but since i didnt raid for two weeks with them at 30% nerf it was decided that I needed to be replaced permanently.

Edit : Also willing to faction change!
Hiya Semjaza! I read your post and my guild is looking for a final raider to finish out our core group. First of all our raid times are Sun/Mon nights, so i don't know if those times work for you but if they do we are looking for somebody willing to be a swing healer. So you'd dps anything we only need two healers for. I don't know if that would interest you but we will be pushing into heroic content, just not going to be the first to get there! I'd definitely characterize us as semi-hardcore.

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