The Fall of Theramore (IC)

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Kal raised his sword, placing one hand on the flaming blade to support it as the he blocked the thrown weapon. The flames didn't hurt him seeing as he was the one who summoned it. Taking a step forward, he grabbed the hilt of his weapon with both hands "Any last words, human?" he said in common, something that he learned to do when he was in Northrend helping the Argent Crusade. His spell that he used on the man would have been a lot more potent if the human had been an undead or demon, but either way, the spell worked fine on normal living beings.

The human spat on the floor "The Alliance WILL retake Theramore!" said, the sound of hope and pride in his voice made Kal want to throw up. "Yea...we'll see about that, now will we?" was the Paladins response before he raised his blade behind him and cleaved the man's head off. He turned to go join the rest of the Horde members before he was struck in the chest by a fireball, which sent him hurtling back into the blood stained rock. He cursed, looking around to find the source of the spell.

He saw a mage, who had just prepared another fireball and hurling it at him. Like the two soldiers, it was a human, only this time female. Kal ducked out of the way of the fireball, which missed him by inches. He quickly scrambled away, avoiding any other on-coming attacks from the woman. He raised his left hand, summoning a hammer made of holy light "Hammer of Wrath!" he shouted, hurling the hammer at the woman. It struck, knocking her out cold onto the floor.

"Pathetic..." he would mutter, walking off to join the rest of the fray with the other members of the Horde.

Drugh Bonecrusher did his best to grapple with Draenei, but his opponent was much larger than him and much better trained. Every time the young warrior thought he had an opening, the Draenei would !@#$ a limb or his weight slightly slowly whittling away at the orc’s strength and hop. As the Draenei pushed harder Drugh could feel his wrist twisting past the breaking point. He was defeated, he knew it and so did his opponent. The Draenei opened his mouth and from it the strange melodic tongue of his race seethed with hatred. “Your race is tainted demon spawn; you think you have overthrown your corruption? The corruption is in your heart. I watched as your foolish race was so easily deceived into ###*!!!*!@ and slaughtering so many of my kind on Draenor. Now it seems that your corruption has come fourth again. The light will purge your soul Orc; however you won’t be able to live after it!”

Drugh let out a roar of defiance as he prepared to join his ancestors; however the blow deathblow never fell. To his surprise the Draenei howled in pain as a fel hound clamped its powerful jaws around his calf. The warrior was so turned by the turn of events that he could only stare as the Draenei moved to attack whomever was responsible. Lines of dark energy danced across his body as the lumbering behemoth pushed his way ever forward. Finally getting a glimpse at his savior, he saw the worgen from lunging at her from behind. At the two alliance soldiers met in the middle, the blood elf ducked under the wolfman’s blow allowing it to fell the Draenei.

As he got to his feet he tried to shake some life into his throbbing arms. Grasping the shaft of his mighty hammer helped but he could still feel the pain with every heart beat. Turnig back in the direction of his savior, the bloodelf was almost ontop of him. Before he could speak she hissed at him, "I help you, now you help me."

Drugh Bonecrusher was no fool. He knew that this person was a practitioner of fel magic. The stories he heard about warlocks and their corruption made him seethe with anger. They held no honor, and lusted for power above all else. However they were powerful and his war chief had oked their use. If Garrosh Helscream believed they were worthy to fight alongside his warrior’s, who was Drugh to question it. More importantly he owed this woman his life, he was honor bound now to protect her, and he owed her a blood debt. “You have saved me elf, for that I am eternally grateful,” Drugh spoke slowly as his mouth formed words it was not designed for (common). “No harm shall fall as long as I breathe. I will honor my blood debt. Lead the way my lady.”

Drugh took a defensive stance in front of his rescuer, eyes scanning the battlefield for any threat that should appear.
Seyl watched with no little amusement as the call went out that Alliance had arrived at the harbor. Abandoning her initial intent to cajole some of the Horde sailors for fun, the warlock instead opted to take cover in one of the ruins of what had been a watch tower of some kind. Once there, she began to trace some demonic runes on the ground with her hands, fel-green fire spilling forth to make her will manifest. The resulting runes burned into the stone floor of the ruined building, creating a portal exit that she could bring herself to at any time with use of a twin spell she'd devised.

With the first step completed, she nodded to her still-invisible imp, ordering Gelgup to scout for her and warn her of incoming people, hostile or otherwise. The cackling little wretch had the decency to not try and flaunt the order for once, leaving Seyl alone to create her traps. A 'home base' of sorts was no good if just anyone could walk in, after all. By the time she was finished, the battle should be either over, or fully joined. In either case, she had plans for the ruins of this wretched human city, and to carry those plans out she'd need to be cautious.

Silver chuckled at the Andrew's words, tilting his head slightly as he listened. He held up a hand to the warrior, "I don't give a d*mn what you think you are gonna do to prove anything to me about what you can do. This is my unit, if you want in you follow my orders and do as I direct alright? If you can't do that then the Horde'll be the least of your worries got it pal? Good, moving on!" Silver turned and raised an eyebrow at Istella, "Senior Cadet eh? What they gettin' too fancy for simply callin' you a squire over there? Ah whatever glad to have someone aboard who isn't afraid of talking straight to me. Keep us alive from the serious sh*t and hold your own cuz I don't baby anyone in my unit." Silver turned to eye all four of the people, two women and two men. Something told Silver he wouldn't have to worry about the marksman or the Kaldorei but he'd watch anyway, even though he talked a tough game he cared about everyone under his command.

It was one of the many things he both cursed and cherished about himself, shaking off the internal conversation he nodded, "Right now that we are ready to head out let's roll kiddies! Its time we showed the Horde the true might of the Alliance follow me!" He roared as he turned, throwing his helmet on, the horns on the facemask giving him the look of an angry boar; combined with his spiked armor made him look very dangerous. As he stepped through the familiar squishing and pulling sensation would have made Silver puke had he not experienced it several times before. As he oriented himself to the underbelly of the ship he noticed the injured and the shell shocked.

Sighing the stalwart Master Sergeant moved forward up the stairs to the deck of the ship to survey the battle as it was playing out. What he say made his anger rise up, the entire city of Theramore was basically a giant crater. "What on earth did they do..." He muttered as he surveyed the battle. The carnage displayed before him didn't phase him but he knew that the price would be high for reclaiming Theramore, just as it would be to hold it if they could. The docks were slick with blood as the bodies of the fallen were kicked into the bay, the water turning a bright red as fish and carrion fed upon the fallen.

"Disgusting..." Silver muttered as he looked around noticing Alliance soldiers hunkered down around him, some looking scared others not sure what to do. "FORWARD YOU MAGGOTS AND COWARDS! WE CAME TO FIGHT NOT TO HIDE! FOR THE ALLIANCE! FOR THE KING! AVENGE THE FALLEN AND DEATH TO THE HORDE!" Silver shouted, drawing his massive two-handed mace Mercy from his back, the red glow from its interior sparking a tad bit brighter as he roared at the sky and charged forward, his target a Forsaken Deathguard that was standing close to the ship dispatching Alliance footmen that came to engage him.

As Silver closed the gap the Forsaken raised his shield and met Silver mace with it. The two became locked as Silver twisted his mace, bringing the weapons to chest level and forcing the Forsaken to look up at the tall warrior. "Now you die" Silver grunted as he slammed his helm into the Deathguard, staggering the Horde soldier. Cracking his neck to the side Silver let a puff of smoke escape out of his mask before swinging his mace in an overhead circle then stopping it a quarter of the way through its second circle, using his left hand to change the direction of the weapon as he brought it cracking down on the Deathguard's upraised shield.

The Forsaken tried to take advantage, bringing his curved sword in to stab at Silver's exposed chest, but the warrior simply batted it away, the weapon scr*ping against his chestplate while Silver used his fist to cave in the Forsaken's chest. Yet again advancing the Master Sergeant spun, his mace spinning out in a line around him clipping other fights and then taking the Forsaken full in the face, the undead's neck snapping as he went spinning to the dock. Roaring in triumph Silver pointed his mace forward, "FORWARD COMRADES! NO MERCY! KILL 'EM ALL!!!!" He shouted, hoping others would follow his lead trying to slow the Horde's advance due to the amount of bodies they had. It was time to change the momentum of this fight.
Valamunre watched as the Orc she had just saved stood next to her, still watching for oncoming Alliance, making sure Zhaagrom didn't run off anywhere else.

"You have saved me elf, for that I am eternally grateful. No harm shall fall as long as I breathe. I will honor my blood debt. Lead the way my lady."

Valamunre quirked an eyebrow, tilting her head a little towards the man. His words confused her. Blood debt? Eternally grateful? Why, if someone had saved her life, she would never make herself their life protector. She couldn't help but enjoy the thought of it though. Someone wanting to owe her back, in an honorable way, rather than the money way she was used to.

Just as she opened her mouth to speak to the Orc, a Gnome began blasting fireballs, trying to aim properly but failing. It had singed a bit of the bottom of Valamunre's robes, the warlock jumping back a little. She glared, sicking Zhaagrom on the Gnome, the felhunter immediately silencing the little runt.

"Well, if you're here to help, a name would be nice, instead of calling you a brute, Orc, or whatever insult would pop into my head." Valamunre told him, soon followed up with muttering, a curse bolting out of her fingertips. "Valamunre Silverhawk, though I do like being called Lady, that was a nice touch." she introduced, the Gnome nearly overcome by Zhaagrom, the felhound almost her size.

Valamunre saw how weak the Gnome was and let Zhaagrom finish her off, the tiny pleas for help nothing but a migraine to her. How some of the Alliance let weaklings join them boggled her. Why would you let someone who can't fend for themselves fend for others and their territory?

The warlock's ear twitched, the sound of someone yelling bothering her. It was in common, a language she understood well, but definitely not her native tongue. She glared, noting that more reinforcements had arrived. She snapped her fingers and Zhaagrom was back by her side, the blood of the Gnome slipping away from his teeth and onto the wood of the dock.

"Block me real quick, would you?" Valamunre asked her new warrior acquaintance, stepping behind him to where only more Horde soldiers were. With her hands slightly glowing a bile green, she moved them in quick circles, and in a matter of seconds, three healthstones appeared. They bubbled inside, the glow fading slowly. She turned around and stepped beside the Orc again, dropping one in her robe pocket, and the other two into his hands. "Just in case."

The reinforcements of the Alliance were emerging from the ship, Valamunre narrowing her eyes and trying to pick the weakest from the strongest. She crossed her arms over her chest, nodding her head in their direction. "I suggest you pick an enemy to torment, and I follow."
Adrian swung his legs off of the box he was seated upon at the call of battle, "Whoo!" he shouted enthusiastically. He grabbed his rifle and kicked the bipod into the grooves of the handguard and swung his pack over his shoulder. He tapped his pipe against his boot and dropped it into an empty pouch hanging off his hip at the 7 o'clock position.

He sprinted through the portal after his new commander and stood next to him, surveying the ship they were in. Wounded and dying were all around them. The Marksman made no eye contact. He walked briskly ahead to look at the outside and see the carnage of what had happened. His face remained stoic as he checked to make sure his magazine was a full one. He adjusted his plate vest and all of his other armor components. He brought his goggles over his eyes, everything becoming much more vivid and clear. Silver yelled at some hunkered down soldiers and told them to move. Adrian walked beside him as he was readying to move.

"Sergeant, I'm gonna post up on the crows nest and give over-watch. When we move ahead I'll get inside one of the towers as you move along. I'll keep in contact with you." he said and nodded. He sprinted across the deck and climbed the ladder. He dropped his bag against the wall and looked around, surveying his area. There was a tan blanket, pocked with holes and rips, covered in dust and blood. He shrugged and grabbed it, throwing it over himself as he knelt on the edge. He extended the bipod and rested it a barrel, the blanket concealing him.

Dialing in the scope, he focused his view about one hundred yards ahead of Silver's position. Switching the safety to the fire position, he made himself comfortable and rested his cheek on the stock, breathing steadily. The natural pause after his exhale, he squeezed. The bullet ripped through the sound barrier, producing a loud crack. The recoil hit him, and through the scope, he saw the Orc in his crosshair fall limp to the ground, a new hole created in his chest. He continued this, focusing his attacks on anyone who seemed in command or to be a powerful foe. Round after round, the sound echoed down to the deck.
Vynas was sneaking up on his new prey now who was a dwarf. The dwarf was fighting with an orc and Vynas was going to jump up onto the dwarf and swiftly cut his neck ending his life. As Vynas drew closer he heared a crack and then dropped the orc who had fought the dwarf. In the confusion Vynas stabbed the dwarf in the back of the neck and continued on in a quick manner. He heared shots ring out over and over as his fallen comrads had dropped to the ground.

Vynas quickly moved around taking careful note of the shots ringing out and he noticed a Blood elf warlock and an Orc fighting together. Seeing as they were the strongest from their baattle he swooped in alongside them. "Hey I think we should get to some cover theirs a sharpshooter somewhere and if we don't move were gonna die" he said hoping they would agree.

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The order to move out finally given, Jazzy slipped in after Silver and drifted off to the side, melting into the shadows. Watching as others dashed into the open and the sniper went off to climb the crow's nest. She could see Silver encouraging the soldiers around him to stand up and fight. Nodding she decided to do some scouting before any definute action.

The path of destruction Silver and a few of the soldiers were making was a good distraction. Jazzy grinned as she inspected the various places where the Horde were gathered. They were trying to set up small shelters and stacks of ammo and gunpowder.

There were horde peons everywhere. Dumb as rocks and easily frightened and done away with. Narrowing her fainly glowing silver eyes she edged along the railing of the ship and took up a position where she could use her spyglass to look out over the area.

Jazzy ducked behind some crates and trained her spyglass on a wagon being pulled by a kodo. Peons were stacking it high with barrels of gunpowder. She fairly drooled at the prospect of blowing that wagon up, but she needed to have it go off in the middle of a pack of Horde.

She moved back to where Silver was cutting down a forsaken and added a few razor sharp shuriken to the battle. An orc warrior came rushing up to attack and she smirked at him, his wild swings and gutteral roar did nothing but make her laugh as she deftly avoided him, dancing around his bulky form as she slashed with dagger and axe. Her whirling blades and dashing around soon had him almost dizzy. He roared at her again and stopped his spinning around to stomp on the ground with an earth shaking move that nearly knocked her off her feet.

His trick almost worked as she fell backwards into some crates. He rushed forward cutting at her with his huge two handed axe. As he brought it down Jazzy jumped out of the way and the axe crashed into the crate, splintering it into kindling. The crate contained flour and other foodstuffs, the powdery cloud surrounded them both as Jazzy took advantage of the cover. With a deft double strike she stabbed him in his stomach and managed to wrest his grip on the axe, it fell to the ground and he doubled over in pain, howling. She whirled in a circle and brought her axe down on his neck as he bent over to grab for his axe. The blood sprayed her as he fell, pooling around him as he finally lay still on the deck.

Knowing there were more around, she faded into the shadows and moved closer to Silver. "What are your orders? We have them coming onto the ship now, we need a plan..." she hissed as a goblin snuck up behind Silver, she barely caught sight of him as he attempted to sap her commander.

Stepping quickly she rammed her axe into his back. He fell limply to the deck, groaning. It was quick work to pin him to the deck and hold a dagger to his throat. "A quick death if you tell us now what we need to know...I am sure the Commander would like words with you.." she grinned wickedly at him. She waited for Silver to notice her prisoner.
His feet squarely apart, Drugh Bonechrusher turned his back to the warlock keeping himself between Valamunre and the alliance reinforcements. The hair on the back of his neck rose as the warlock began channeling a spell. When he felt the energy release, he turned his head slightly to see what his counterpart was doing.

Before the blood elf floated three glowing green stones that Drugh would easily have been able to hold 1 of in his hand. Placing one in her robe, Valamunre handed the other two to him, and with a simple shrug of her shoulder said “Just in case.” Drugh took hold of them and placed them in a pouch on his waste. As he held the stones, Drugh could feel the unnatural heat that was emanating from them. With a bow, the orc thanked the warlock saying, “Thank you Mi’Lady, Drugh Bonecrusher is my name,” the orc spoke uncomfortably as his mouth tried to speak in a language that it was never designed to speak. “By chance would you happen to know Orcish? It would be much simpler to communicate if you did.”

Facing back towards the end of the dock, Drugh Bonecrusher saw the reinforcements pouring out from the ship. As he watched their leader move and fight, easily dispatching a forsaken death guard, he knew these were not the green volunteers that the horde had been fighting earlier. As the human began methodically killing hs way onto shore, Drugh Bonecrusher turned to Valamunre, “It seems that the real alliance fighters are here now, let’s go pay them a visit!” Let out an Orcish Battle cry, Drugh Bonechrusher waded into the conflict again striking down any whom dared stand in his way.
Andrew scoff's and enter's quickly after raising his shield he yell's" FOR THE ALLIANCE!" the cry is echoed from the reinforcements as Andrew runs down the stairs of the ship, sword and shield in hand. Stepping up as he slows a orc attacks him, ax held high and swung in a powerful arc. Stepping aside quickly Andrew place's a foot on the ax and kicks the orc and plants his sword through the orc's head. Looking around, he barely dodge's a blow as he feels the wind and the slight tingling sound as the sword skims his armor. Looking up he looks into the eye's of a forsaken who is grinning wickedly.

Andrew smile's and swing's his own sword, only for it to to be parried. And the forsaken's cuts a line in his arm. Smiling Andrew laugh's" Good strike." lunging as the man recover's he embeds his sword into the skull, lowering the body slowly he looks" Rest in the Light, let it wash the impurities from your tortured soul." Standing he looks around to see an orc say something to a blood elf, glaring he looks at the blood elf" Must be an experienced fighter to be ordering an orc around..." moving quickly through the crowd of fighters, he dodge's swords and ax's taking glancing blows but otherwise undeterred. Brushing past an badly injured orc he attempts to draw his pole-arm, but realizing he has lost it, he smile's" Close combat it is!." Running at her he leaps and with a shattering leap, he brings his sword down in a powerful arc, in an attempt to cut the woman in two.

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Valamunre couldn't help but smirk coyly as Drugh Bonecrusher, as the Orc called himself, continued calling her flattering names. It had been too long since she had been called such things, especially with her terrible reputation among her family.

"By chance would you happen to know Orcish? It would be much simpler to communicate if you did."

With a snicker, Valamunre replied in Orcish, "How could I not know Orcish? I am with the Horde after all. It'd be foolish to not know your native tongue." Even with the language change, her Thalassian accent still stuck, but her Orcish as fluent as a regular Orc.

As Drugh pointed out a human reinforcement fighting, ready to strike again into their puny Alliance hearts, another elf had snuck up beside them. Valamunre almost tripped over her feet at the sudden appearance of the man, a glare fixing onto her face with a harsh scowl. Zhaagrom growled fiercly, Valamunre having to snap her fingers at him to stop. This man was an ally, and another helping hand they needed.

"Hey, I think we should get to some cover, there's a sharpshooter somewhere and if we don't move we're gonna' die."

The Sin'dorei male made Valamunre frown, but she had to take his advice. She glanced between him and Drugh, watching as her Orc companion began to move forward. She rolled her luminous green eyes and clutched her hand onto the man's arm, dragging him along, her nails digging into him. "Come on! We don't have all day then! We're sticking with Drugh! Give me a name now." Valamunre seethed at him, letting go of him and allowing her hands to luminate with the shadows.

It wasn't even long before Drugh was slicing through any foes who stood in his way. Valamunre cursed under her breath, watching her shadows inflict pain on the Alliance surrounding them. It truly was beautiful to her; the terror they would feel, seeing the pain in their eyes. It almost made her smile.

Valamunre took a side step, now standing beside Drugh instead of behind him, the elf peering around for any other enemies to take down. It didn't take too long for them to find her though. Her eyes flashed across a man leaping towards her, causing her to take a step back, his sword ready to rain down on her and cleave her in half.

"You really are an idiot..." Valamunre muttered, dodging the sword just in time, the blade only catching the bare skin of her arm. She glared at the human, Zhaagrom immediately charging for his leg, his sharp teeth ready to pierce the armor. Valamunre herself began spitting out curses, the shadows dancing away from her hands and aiming for the human stupid enough to attack her.

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Drugh Bonechrusher waded through the sea of alliance soldiers dealing out death and destruction. With skill and bestial ferocity, the short brawny orc defeated all whom stood in his way. He lived for this. Like most of his generation, Drugh relished combat, however, he did not throw himself at his foe with reckless abandon, he did not disrespect his opponents. Around him he saw his friends and comrade throw themselves at their opponents. Like Wildman they fought, and like Wildman they were put down.

To his right he saw a berserker flailing away at a dwarven paladin. He knew what the outcome to this fight would be. Bloodlust in his eyes, the orc slammed his sword mercilessly into the dwarves up raised shield. With smooth efficiency, the dwarf deflected a wide strike from the orc and buried his mace it the orc’s ribcage. Sending a prayer to the ancestors for his fallen comrade, Drugh Bonechrusher made his way to this dwarf, dead set on avenging the dying orc.

He was cut off however by a human warrior barreling past him, and straight to his blood elven charge. Cursing his tunnel vision, the young warrior, followed. His lungs labored as the sudden exertion started to take its toll on the shorter orc’s body. He knew he would be unable to intercept this foe, he just hoped that the elf could hold her own. As the human reached Val, Drugh watched in horror as one of his strikes managed to draw blood. He would not let another blow fall. As he reached the Warrior, he let out a ferocious warcry and threw himself at his opponents back. With his arms stretched wide, Drugh readied himself for the impact, and the ground work that was about to ensue.
Growling as his blade missed its mark he spins ro follow the woman. Glaring at her he smile's" Nice move Arghhh." Doubling over he fight to stay up and straightens with sword in hand, he take's one step....two steps toward the woman. Growling he smie's" Ha....have not felt this pain for awhile!." with he grunt he jogs at the woman, not noticing the imp like creature moving towards him. with a lung he swing's the sword low in an attempt to chop the woman's leg's from under her.

From a crumbling rock, it might have saved his life as he turned to see the sound after moving away from the woman only to see a orc running at him. Turning he attempts to meet the attack with his shield knowing full well he could not move to avoid it, not this attack. Steeling himself for the coming battle he smile's as pain constantly pulse's through his body. Grunting he attempts to watch the woman from his peripheral vision but cannot focus on two targets he switch's to the orc, knowing he was the most dire threat at the moment. As the orc lands, Andrew's legs buckle, dropping his sword he attempts to grab the orc's arms, knowing he could only keep the orc's strength off him for so long.

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Time seemed to slow as Drugh Bonecrusher hurtled through the air at his opponent. His brow tightened as his opponent twirled around to face him. The speed at which reality moved in the warriors mind made the scene surreal. He imagined himself in the Valley of Trials endlessly practicing thee subtle movements of combat. He watched as the human tensed his muscles as he braced for the impact, it was too little too late.

Time returned to normal as Drugh’s wide frame slammed into the human’s midsection. As the two bounced off the hard pine planking of theramore’s docks, there large weapons fell to the two the ground with a clang and a thud. By the time the two of them stopped rolling Drugh found himself on top of his opponent, though pinned by the man’s deceptively strong arms. Though he was on top he had know discernible advantage. His small thick limbs could not maneuver in the tight space that his opponent had forced him into. As the two combatants tested each other wills, Drugh stared malevolently into the humans ocean blue eyes.

Drugh seethed as every attempt to gain a stronger position was thwarted by his opponents leverage. He had never fought against an opponent who could pin him. Usually he was able to use his small stature and strength to his advantage, but not today. When he got back to training he would have to grapple with some trolls.

Anger began to overcome his conscious thought as each attempt to escape was thwarted. He hated this man, he hated his race, and he hated the alliance. Drugh vowed that he would not rest until they all were laid low. Only then could he and his race be free from alliance persecution. Shaking with fury, Drugh did the last thing he could think of. The warrior let out an ear splitting war cry, and slammed his skull downward at his opponents face.

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