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I just bought the New BattleChest thingy, Ill be buying Pandaria and Cataclysm when i get my check, Im looking for a Active guild and helpful and friendly. Trying this game out some more.. Havent played before, Alot of people said it was good. But last time i played, I got bored, Had no one to play with, So hopefully i can find someone to play with and find a fun guild. To teach me things about WoW and whatnot, I'd really like to give this game a chance, So message me and lets get this started. xD
If you have questions about the game, feel free to post them in this forum and the regulars here will do their best to answer them.

If you want someone in-game to assist you with questions you have, check the giving-back sticky near the top of this forum. It's a list of characters on various realms who are willing to have random newbies ask them questions in-game.

If you want someone to level with you, help you clear content, and take more of a hands on approach than just Q&A, then sadly you are looking in the wrong forum.

The guild recruitment forum OR the forum for your realm are the only two places where you are allowed to recruit someone to help you in-game. Once your account is upgraded to the Battlechest (can take up to 72 hours for the changes to go through), you will be able to make posts & threads in those forums.

There is a new guild mentor program where on a few realms, select guilds have been designated by Blizzard for a mentorship program. These guilds are happy to help new players learn how to play the game. If you're not picky about what realm you play on, I suggest you seek them out. Here's a list of the realms that are a part of the program and the original guild names of those that were selected:


Blizzard changed the names of these guilds to "Blizzard Mentor Horde" or "Blizzard Mentor Alliance" to make them easier to find.
If you are looking for a Guild, check out the Forums for the Realm for decide upon. Recruitment is prohibited in these forums, as they are specifically set aside for players to have their questions about the game answered.

You have come back for an exciting time, as Mists of Pandaria begins in less than three days. This means that many players will be beginning new characters, and through this you have the opportunity to meet some great new friends.
I appreciate it, And now i know that i put this in the wrong section, I apologize for that, Don't care what server im on, Just want to make new friends and etc. That way i dont get bored right away.. Maybe ill get used to it i guess. lol
Look up those mentor guilds I mentioned, they should be able to help you. They will have many new players like yourself, and many veterans eager to help.
Ah okay then, Just read over your post again, Thanks.

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